Video Footage Confirms Elon Musk has a Woke Mess to Clean up at Twitter

Elon Musk walked through Twitter’s Headquarters on Wednesday with a sink in his hand and enjoying the fact that he’d secured the deal to purchase Twitter after months of tension.

Musk has also updated his profile name to “Chief Twit,” showing the humour that's likely to have an impact on Twitter.

There was some speculation that Musk might eliminate up to 75 percent of its employees in order to ensure that Twitter operates more efficiently. This is a significant amount, but considering how biased the site has been in the past, it's likely that all employees ought to be examined again. This is  especially true if Twitter begins to function like a “town square,” which is Elon's intention. Elon stated that he wants Twitter to appear “warm and welcoming to all.”

Some of the employees were overreacting and making demands of him before he took over the company, showing how ignorant they are of the actual business. Bizarrely, they claimed that firing 75 percent of them will harm their position in the “public conversation” when they have done everything they can to manage the public discussion, including hiding information and opinions they don't agree with.

The funny thing is opinions that have been expressed, like this one from the blue-checked Zack Kanter, who tweeted, “If Elon doesn’t meet these demands, there’s a real risk of many employees quitting – some estimates say up to 75% of them.”

However, it's more beneficial for the site if they left in the event that Musk really wants to remake the site. Furthermore, this is in no doubt the same as the threats of Democrats that they will move to Canada when they lose elections. They claim they will leave but don't ever do it. They are only whining.

One of the issues Musk will have to face is the mess that the company is currently in and the amount of money they've wasted with how they've been managed. The life of a Twitter employee has been a a luxurious, cushy lifestyle. Libs of TikTok found a video proving this. The business is in financial distress and their employees far removed from the lives of the majority of Americans. it's like a spa, with yoga rooms, gourmet food and red wine on tap, and a rooftop game and relaxation space.

How much work do employees have to do during the day? Most Americans have a more difficult schedule but without any red wine or delicious food. The employees are also paid extremely well for their lavish lifestyles as per Entrepreneur.

In a recent analysis of visas given to H-1B workers in Q2 2022 from Insider, Twitter salaries listed ranged from $122,000 to $332,000, spanning roles from IT engineers to senior software engineers.

Musk spoke to several employees during his visit.

However, there are still people who believe they could be rude to their boss due to the cozy lifestyle they've enjoyed as some from Twitchy discovered.

“Hey @elonmusk, thanks for stopping by @TwitterSF. We hope you enjoyed your coffee at The Perch! Just one question: Was it fun to look at the faces of the people you said you'd be laying off?” Stephanie Guevara asked.

If the information of the Insider is correct on salaries, she's earning around $271,130 to $332,000 and is likely not to make this amount elsewhere. However, it appears that a huge salary and a snooty job are a sign to her that she can make a mockery of her boss. After being told she could be walking on thin ice by the way she spoke, she laughed it off and blocked everyone from seeing her tweets.

It's funny that a Twitter engineer believes that keeping a trustworthy employee who does not insult you can be considered “censoring” but booting people off Twitter is something to be proud of. It's an indication of how insane some of the people there are.

Musk cannot get the house cleaned soon enough.

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