Here’s Why the Red Wave Is Actually a Red Tsunami

What's the size of the red wave set to hit next Tuesday during the midterm elections?

We've discussed a lot of the election and the happenings in states such as Pennsylvania and Georgia, with each of the Republican Senate candidates making progress and pulling ahead. For Pennsylvania, John Fetterman imploded in his debate, demonstrating that he's sick and is not ready for the task, while Dr. Mehmet Oz gave great responses. Not only did Herschel Walker make strides over Raphael Warnock in Georgia, he even dropped Barack Obama low in an excellent response to Obama's attempt to smear him.

However, the wave could be reaching a tsunami-like level considering what's happening in New Hampshire.

According to the most recent New Hampshire Journal/co/efficient survey, former Gen. Don Bolduc is tied with incumbent Democrat Sen. Maggie Hassan, with seven percent of the electorate undecided. Republican House candidates are also surging.

“Since the beginning of time, General Bolduc has been campaigning in the New Hampshire way. Every time he holds an event, at every town hall, we hear the same message in the voices of Granite Staters: inflation is depressing them and Senator Hassan is to blame,” said campaign spokeswoman Kate Constantini. “This survey is a proof of the current momentum behind Granite Staters and they are tired of Maggie Hassan's record of failure. It's time to bring an outsider into Washington, D.C.”

Within the First Congressional District, newcomer Karoline Leavitt is running the race with a margin-of-error with the incumbent for two terms, Chris Pappas, trailing him 48-44 percent. According to sources within Leavitt's campaign, internal polling indicates that she's already beaten Pappas and is continuing to gain ground.

In the Second District, the poll showed Bob Burns leading longtime Rep. Annie Kuster 44 – 43 percent, and 12 percent who are undecided.

The New Hampshire Journal notes that, while polling is uncertain, Republicans tend to be undervalued, and the undecideds are also more likely to vote for Republicans due to the horrendous inflation rate and the fact that Biden is not popular. This is in addition to the popularity of a Republican governor who is ahead by more than a digit in his race 52-32 percent.

“Rampant inflation, an ever unstable economy and a wildly unpopular president with no coherent economic strategy, along with the unwavering power of Governor Chris Sununu, has New Hampshire Republicans riding a growing red wave of undecided voters breaking right” noted the veteran GOP Strategist Jim Merrill.

It's a shocking development. If Bolduc defeats Hassan, it's very possible it could be a Senate pickup. And they could win House seats also. If you add in potential picks to those seats for the Senate of Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona, we're talking about a massive wave with plenty of room.

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