Herschel Walker Gives Shrewd Reply to Obama

The desperate Democrats brought out Barack Obama to help them with their struggling elections in Georgia. Stacey Abrams is way behind Gov. Brian Kemp in a rematch for Georgia governor. Herschel Walker was five points ahead of Raphael Warnock in the most recent poll by Rasmussen.

Obama took aim at Herschel Walker in an eerie attack, stating that Walker was a top footballer, however what was he capable of in terms of a potential candidate? Obama offered an analogy, declaring that you would not want him on the plane if you had to fly. Obama also said Walker was a “celebrity who wants to be a politician.”

However, Walker is a child of Georgia who attended school in the state. He wants to be a part of Georgia and, when he speaks about his state, he appears to be an authentic person to Georgians. So, he's connecting with voters.

Walker skewered the heck out of Obama in a hilarious and honest four-and-a-half-minute response that just laid Obama out. Note: there are no notes or teleprompter and no closed-captioning needed, only real conversation.

“President Obama was here last night. He claimed that I'm a famous person. He was wrong about that did he not? I'm not a star, I'm a warrior for God. There's a bigger issue as well. Remember when we were told to cast our votes for Joe Biden, didn't he? He didn't get that right was he not? He's been beaten two times to Georgia already, didn't he and I'm thinking that he should put this one aside,”

Walker later drew a pilot analogy, and said Obama stated that he would not hire Walker to become pilot. “I wouldn't hire him [Obama] to be a pilot either” Walker said to laughter. He then said Obama likely would like him to be part of the debate team after Walker successfully eliminated Warnock on the stage. The price of gas is rising and crime is on the rise as is the frontier and open Walker said. “They're destroying this country.” He chuckled that they do not “even know the definition of a woman yet.”

“Where has he been?” Walker inquired about Obama because everything is getting more difficult under Biden. “He's been at his lovely home, hasn't he? We haven't heard from him. Did he take any less expensive gasoline? Did he take any less expensive food items? Then what was he to accomplish?” Obama came to get Warnock, Herschel said, but Warnock's issue is that he has to choose between either a senator or minister since Warnock is “not proficient in either of them.”

Walker said that Obama had not done the right thing for Americans. He said neither he nor Warnock would do the work that needed to be completed. They were not willing to “get dirty” to get the job completed. However, Walker declared that he would be praying for Obama because he got on the “wrong horse” with Warnock. He said it was time for Warnock to go and “don't let the door hit your butt as you're walking out of there.”

Democrats who are trying to help save John Fetterman by comparing him to Herschel Walker aren't just untruthful about Fetterman, they've also not been paying attention to Walker.

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