Paul Pelosi’s Attacker Comes Into Focus

The perpetrator, David DePape, had an image that appeared to be all over the map. Then we discovered that he was a protester who was nudist and was a member of a left-wing commune that was decked out with BLM banners and flags of gay pride. At the same time, authorities were telling us that he was a Jan. 6th supporter who slammed Jews.

What's the actual story? If a recent report by The Washington Post is accurate, it could provide an answer. But most importantly, it's not likely to prove anyone's previous claims.

“A San Francisco Bay area man was arrested for the assault of House speaker Nancy Pelosi's spouse, and wrote in a journal that was filled with bizarre thoughts and a description of how an invisible fairy attacked a person and appeared as a bird, according to the online postings of his name.”

The one sentence provides all we need to know. DePape isn't some shrewd and criminal Republican militant, radicalized by GOP ideas, it appears DePape is exactly what he seemed to be: An insane individual with no consistent political ideology. His switch from left-wing ideology to right-wing conspiracy theories is likely due to his damaged mental state.

It's true that this will not cause Hillary Clinton, Adam Kinzinger, and other leftists who have rushed in the direction of blaming Donald Trump and Kevin McCarthy for the attack to be content. However, sometimes, the truth is more boring than fanciful claims of the influence of the mainstream partisans. The majority of the time the people who are crazy are mad, and grabbing anything that is presented to their eyes, and I believe that's the case with this incident. Actually, DePape has never mentioned Nancy Pelosi in any of his public rants.

The other explanation for the incident can be the reality that the person who attacked was also a drug user and it is likely that the “treatment” he was receiving most likely played a key part in his psychotic breakdown.

“The campervan parked on the driveway of the house of David DePape's wife. Its “Natural addiction treatment” that it is advertising is psychoactive ibogaine that neighbors say that the DePape family has been bringing back to the United States from Mexico.”

Ibogaine is a psychoactive substance that has the potential to cause heart problems and even death. It's been used in previous times to combat addiction, but is now shunned by the mainstream medical profession because it isn't able to be safely used. This is especially applicable when it's offered by a nudist group that is supposedly new age.

There are still questions about the actual attack. These may or may not be addressed in the nick of time, but given the speed at which the Paul Pelosi DUI was hidden, we can lean towards not receiving answers. Whatever the case, those who make use of DePape to discredit the mainline Republican politicians are a sham. They're not concerned with the violence in politics, and there's no evidence to suggest there was any evidence. They are just concerned about discrediting their adversaries. We are not obliged to be a part of their game. Let them scream at clouds.

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