Biden Votes Early and Compares Himself to Fetterman

Joe Biden voted in Delaware during early voting over the weekend with his 18-year old granddaughter Natalie Biden, daughter of Beau, who was also making her debut vote.

Although Biden has criticized Georgia over the law on elections which they adopted last year, claiming the law was “Jim Crow on steroids,” Georgia has more chances to cast a vote than Delaware. There's a difference as they are voting — both need to present proof of identity. It appears that they are both signed too.

If one's ID is considered racist like the one that Democrats have claimed, what is the reason for this taking place in Joe Biden's home state, and why isn't he opposing it? It's commonplace in Delaware as well as across the nation, and many other places across the globe. It's only Democrats who are trying to create an absurd claim that the requirement of identification is a form of suppression. They only target states that are red on this issue. This shows how insensitive Joe Biden was in his critique of Georgia.

Natalie,18 years old, was thrilled to have the opportunity to take part in the vote for the very first time. Joe Biden put a sticker on her chest that indicated she voted. Joe Biden then kissed her. The kiss received lots of responses via social networks.

Biden has made remarks which we've already written about on the Pelosi attack as well as blaming those who question elections, declaring that this kind of “talk” must stop. Perhaps he should talk to Hillary Clinton who just declared that the Republicans had plans to take over the 2024 election.

Now let’s take note of his praise for John Fetterman's ability to debate.

Biden claimed that Fetterman was “really good, thought he knew what he was doing, thought he was strong,” but none of that is the case. “He's my kind of guy,” Biden declared. “You know where he stands…He's just getting better and better.”

The problem lies in the fact that Fetterman can be described as “his kind of guy.” They both have cognitive problems, though with different causes. They shouldn't be running for office or looking for other positions because of this. It is unclear the exact position Fetterman is on an issue because Fetterman isn't able to articulate any position. He's flipped and told lies about his beliefs the same way as Joe Biden. Both have policies that are a disaster and have greatly hurt those they claim to represent. Fetterman should be focused on getting better, and Biden should be retiring. Instead the Democrats have placed both in these positions, and it's very shameful.

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