CBS News Anchor Gets Angry At GOP Over Pelosi Attack

A savage attack against Paul Pelosi, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's husband, has been the focus of the media over the past couple of days. There are still questions about the method by which David DePape, a nudist protester with a complex political background and a long political history, entered the home, but what seems to be pretty evident is that the attacker experienced a psychotic breakdown triggered by a drug.

Naturally, there is no easy solution, and certainly not the one that the left wants. They would like to claim that minority leader Kevin McCarthy making a joke one year ago was what really “radicalized” DePape because everything is a joke.

CBS News anchor Margaret Brennan adhered to the same line on Sunday, but then lost her temper because the GOP does not want to hand over elections to Democrats just nine days before the midterm elections.

If you take a look, Brennan attempts to connect the usual Republican campaign rhetoric with the assault of Paul Pelosi, asking why the GOP is running ads that are tied to Nancy Pelosi. This, despite the fact that authorities have admitted that they do not know the reason for this crime at this time.

NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer was having none of it. He responded with force by pointing out that this norm has never been used for Democrats. Of course, he's right. Someone attempted to murder Brett Kavanaugh over the summer (that person is now being charged of attempted murder). There was not a single prominent media person demanded that Democrats stop running ads regarding Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court, and abortion. When Lee Zeldin was beaten and nearly killed during July of this year, no journalist pleaded with Democrats to stop running their attack ads on Zeldin.

Brennan and her co-workers have decided that the political campaigning process isn't a good idea in this particular instance because they believe they can intimidate Republicans to concede an easy win. The CBS News anchor actually suggests that the GOP has produced numerous advertisements which “mention Speaker Pelosi by name,” as if this is uncommon or untrue. What number of ads have featured Donald Trump this cycle? I've not seen Brennan complaining about this. At the end Brennan demands that the NRCC take down tweets they've published that ask questions about Pelosi.

The request she's making is clearly absurd. If someone is speaker of the House then they'll be featured in ads. It's not a way to incite violence against a husband or wife. The GOP is in a good place in the present and is not about to take a foot off the pedal to keep people in the Beltway media content. The NRCC should increase the number of ads that target Pelosi. They must go on until the end of the world since they are owed nothing by the hypocrites of journalism.

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