Elon Musk Rocks Twitterverse With First Decisions

Elon Musk hasn't been on the job for more than a week and is about to flip the entire Twitterverse completely upside-down. The billionaire just signed the purchase of the social media company and then privatized it, and is now looking to make some major adjustments to bring in more income.

His first major decree as emperor? That all checked blue check marks that are verified will need to pay tribute to him or get rid of the status symbol.

It is laughable since it's totally arbitrary and is often also influenced by politics. There are a lot of people with blue checks that are influenced by left-wing politics and huge influential accounts are left unrecognized with no reason at all.

However, that doesn't mean conservatives shouldn't be able to get their names confirmed. Some of our writers here are able to do so; however, many were fighting for it over the years as they were handed out like sweets to the liberals.

This is the issue, however. Because verification is a way to determine the status of the website, it's been used to promote partisan views and to suppress legitimate opposition. If only a small percentage of journalists from the conservative side are verified, yet every Liberal “journalist” is, that impacts the whole thing. Furthermore, does it make sense to implement verification systems where there is no identifiable “safety team” to decide who is significant and who's not? Isn't that the responsibility of followers and people who actually visit the site?

As we move on to the specifics of Musk's demands, Musk is said to want the new system to be operational on the 7th of November. This is just one week away. In addition, he informed the engineers that they could either get the job done or get dismissed. Naturally, this has drawn the ire of those who are able to manage a company more effectively than the richest man on the planet.

The reality is that nothing will change, except for those who view this blue checkmark to be essential to their position and will have to pay for it. Most of us will not and that includes a large number of people who already use them but don't really care.

Additionally, although the crying has already begun, it's important to recognize that the thing Musk has been doing seems essential. Twitter is infamously overleveraged. It’s not clear if they have ever made an actual profit, despite its importance. This is one of the primary reasons why the old Twitter board of directors decided to take the decision to sell. They could see the signs upon the wall. The platform is monetizing while expanding the platform ensures it will continue to exist into the future.

Yet, it's hilarious to consider the liberals who make use of their blue checkmarks to create interactions , and then make fun of Elon Musk constantly now having to kiss the ring to maintain their position.

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