Mexico’s Island of the Dolls is Creepiest Place on Earth

We shared on Wednesday the tale of the web's most hilarious new meme trend, faux Halloween costumes. As we move towards All Hallow's Eve, it's time to introduce something much more frightening: Mexico's Isla de the Munecas (Island of the Dolls), which is a remote stretch of land that is dotted with thousands of old plastic figurines. 

What's going on? Who, or what, put these gritty creepy toys in the middle of nowhere on an island that is only accessible via boat? It's awe-inspiring and bizarre.

It's been discovered that this is the work of a bizarre hermit known as Don Julian Santana Barrera who relocated to the island that was uninhabited during the 50s. The man was obsessed by the story of a child who was drowned in the nearby waters and began hanging dolls in her memory. Perhaps to deter evil spirits? We don't know.

According to Frommer's, the site has a long-standing history:

“The unsettling Island filled with Misfit Toys lies in the Xochimilco canals that lie in the southern portion of the Mexican capital city. The system of artificial islands and waterways in this area was constructed in the time of the Aztec people, and is recognised by UNESCO as an World Heritage Site.”

“Barerra played with dolls for fifty years, frequently trading food items for more. He would accept anything you wanted no matter what state they were in. To make things more terrifying, there's a chance that they're missing limbs, heads, eyes, and more. As time has passed, and exposed to the elements they've turned into grotesque, terrifying creatures that seem to be alive.”

A YouTube channel dubbed “Facts You Should Know” recently released a video on the island. The voiceover tells us with the voice of his Caribbean accent that bizarre events are reported to occur at sunset:

“Dolls found on the island can be threatening even in the daytime light, however, in the darkness they are especially disturbing…Local legend states that the dolls are able to move their heads, arms, and open the eyes of their owners…”

Witnesses claimed to have heard the dolls whispering to one another…

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