Musk Tweets Fiery Message About Pelosi Attack

Joe Biden made controversial remarks about the Paul Pelosi attack as a result of questioning elections and said that this kind of “talk” must be “stopped.”

Hillary Clinton followed it up by tweeting that she was proving this is now the new mainstream liberal talking point, not just random rants from Biden.

“The Republican Party and its mouthpieces now regularly spread hate and deranged conspiracy theories,” Clinton declares. “It is alarming, however, it is not surprising that violence has been the result. Citizens, in our capacity, should be able to hold those responsible for their actions and actions that are a result of them.” She also referenced an article on the assault by Paul Pelosi.

It's not like they're condemning the alleged criminal here, or even suggesting that we have to take action to correct the system that's not aware of how to handle those who are mentally ill. They're deceiving Republicans and insisting that Republicans should be “held accountable.” This should be a concern for anyone who is concerned about freedom of speech. But, of course, they're making it an opportunity to attack Republicans. Democrats are out of alternatives at the moment; Americans are so furious about how Democrats have wrecked the economy.

How hypocritical and ironic it is that Clinton claims to be against conspiracy theories and hatred, while she was aiding in the spread of the “deranged conspiracy theory” against President Donald Trump with the Steele dossier and Russia collusion. How many crazy people have been incited by these falsehoods? Many leftists believe in them. Many leftists believe that the 2016 elections were stolen by Russia in support of Trump, and Clinton has played a role in fostering the conviction.

It was also not just her previous actions. She has recently stated that Republicans were involved in a plan to win the presidential race in 2024.

A large number of people correctly have compared Clinton for her recent claims about Pelosi.

However, one reaction was amazing. It came from Elon Musk. Be sure to hold onto your hats for this particular one since it's likely to trigger many – and will lead to more attempts to have Musk to be reprimanded by those on the left.

He links to a site which contains a lot of speculation about Paul Pelosi's attack and other things that differ from the current facts.

The website has since crashed probably due to the inbound traffic generated by Musk's tweet. It's fair to say that there's lots of speculation in the comments, which includes things that don't have any evidence to support it at this point.

Musk's larger argument — that there are some questions the police have to solve in this case — is real. It's not about Republicans or the lies Hillary and Joe are selling. The truth is still changing and some are even changing according to media outlets who alter their reporting.

For instance, the report of the man being dressed in his underwear was based on an KTVU report and was then retracted. We're now curious about the source of this report and what led to the correction and what the suspect was wearing. The police haven't been able to clarify that. It means, at least for now it's possible that “in his underwear” isn't an “official fact.”

However, there's a lot of confusion regarding the truth. This isn't unusual following an incident. Another instance: “Castro nudist protester” refers to a part of San Francisco known as the Castro but it doesn't mean Castro. Who would be who is the “unknown person” who allowed the police into the area, as Politico wrote about? We'll probably find out more details as the investigation progresses.

You know that Elon Musk's comments are issues that must be addressed by Hillary Clinton and are going to create a huge ruckus among those on the left who will disregard all the Democratic widespread conspiracy theories. The left is likely to be preparing all of their efforts against Musk right now. It requires a certain amount of bravery to level an attack from Hillary Clinton, knowing that. It's also amusing to realize that this is the kind of thing that would have got someone exiled in the past by the police on Twitter for being liberal. Since he's now the owner of Twitter, that's not a problem.

Musk took over Twitter last week and he has shown that he's planning to implement major changes. He sacked several of the most powerful executives and is currently working on eliminating others. However, he has also demonstrated how much he could alter the company on his own by putting pressure on the authorities.

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