New Woke Social Media Platform Launches

Stop, Twitter. There's a brand new social media platform on the scene. And it's not stupid.

If you're not familiar with Tribel, the following is a short overview from its page:

“Tribel is the SMARTER social network that lets your posts are instantly seen by the right people, and you finally get the attention you deserve for creating amazing posts. Additionally, you can personalize your news feed so that you can easily discover the most popular and breaking posts you'd like to see when you'd like them in any field.”

You won't need to be concerned about false news or moral lapses either:

“A new, grassroots social network is here that is protected by a system which puts morality, truth as well as We the People first -and includes the most innovative features to help social media to an even brighter and better future.

The Post Millennial relays that the founder of the company, Omar Rivero, is also the leader of Occupy Democrats. On October 26, Omar tweeted big news. It appears that Elon Musk, as well as Donald Trump are Nazis:

“BREAKING: Elon…tweets a video of him entering the Twitter headquarters, signaling that his purchase has been completed. As a retaliation for the plans to bring Trump and his neo-Nazis to return millions of disgruntled Twitter users sign up to @TribelSocial an all-new anti-democracy Twitter alternative. RT!”

Fortunately, Tribel is guaranteed to be a secure space. At 5:00 pm, on Thursday, the site declared it had preemptively banned Elon Musk. Post Millennial displays a tweet from Tribal Social Network possibly to this effect, simply saying “Yes,” but the post(s) to the tweet it replies to can't be viewed by the public. If the report is accurate, then he's not the sole one. The following day, the social network banned Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr. as well as Kanye West. The platform further states “We ban racists for life.”

If you didn't know, Tribel is very much in favor of bans, AKA “pro-Democracy.” They also advocate to promote “equality”:

One person praised the ban: “Yes — people that preach misinformation should not be allowed a place to preach it.”

Another one lamented the fact that Republicans control all media outlets:

“I had hoped that Elon would pursue a new hobby. The Republicans control newspapers, TV stations, and today Twitter. Their propaganda machine is all-in. The only thing that the Democrats have left is our vote, and our determination to boycott. Vote Blue '22.”

One answer to the post:

Rewind to Nazis: Do the people who love Hitler like freedom of speech? Elon does. The Left and some seem to find it terrifying. As they say, free speech poses an affront to freedom of speech:

“MSNBC Protests That Free Speech on Twitter is an ‘Endangered' Speech. And It perfectly Captures Where We Are”

“Academics are worried about the ‘Hate' of Freedom of Speech as a Free Twitter Is on the Horizon”

“Washington Post Launches Disgusting Attack on Twitter Following Elon Musk Take Over”

“Progressives Resort to the Same Tactics Following Elon Musk Presides Twitter”

America has seen rapid change and Elon Musk has been discredited for his belief in the most enduring national value: the right to voice one's opinion. Today, the left part of the spectrum appears to have switched sides; however, while it was once a laudatory virtue, what was once considered to be morally right has been made unclean.

In the case of the country's latest trendy social media platform, at the very least, it's honest about its contemporary design that is nothing but “tribal.”

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