The Public Need Answers on Paul Pelosi Case

This isn't meant to suggest a massive conspiracy, but more as a nitpicking observation. The information that has been released about the attacker and the way the incident unfolded doesn't seem to make sense. This could be due to the fact that we do not have enough information to back up the main narrative. However, until we have those facts, nobody can be responsible for looking at the event with a smug eye.

What we know is that Paul Pelosi was attacked with a hammer. He sustained an injury which required a trip to the hospital. We know that the police turned up in the area prior to the assault starting and Paul Pelosi was attacked in their presence. We know that the attacker was detained in his underwear. We also are aware that a glass door was broken.

The assailant's identity is so mysterious, however, that when the announcement of his arrest was made, authorities claimed they believed he was a conspiracy theorist of the right connected to the January 6th riot. The result was the usual anger, and accusations of Republicans of being the ones accountable for the attack, even though the rule is never applied to Democrats when left-wing attackers attack conservatives.

The issue is that the factual patterns of the attacker appear to be overlapping. In addition, besides the claim that he's the January 6th nutter, we are aware of the fact that David DePape is a hemp jewelry-making nudist protester. This is what his home looks like:

Other photos show signs that support Bernie Sanders and Chesa Boudin who are both extreme left figures. The flag in front of them is a gay pride/marijuana-themed flag (what will they create in the future?). Furthermore, DePape is apparently a “father figure” to the children of a woman who is in an enclave who is also married to another man. The woman is famous for her advocacy of conspiracy theories about 9/11 that are usually from an extreme left-wing stance.

How can someone with this image end up becoming a Trump-loving and Jan. 6th supporter, according to the official claims? The public deserves more details and this incident shouldn't be swept under the rug the same way Paul Pelosi's DUI arrest was.

We should actually be able to see what DePape posted on his “right-wing” social media posts which were deleted prior to the incident being made public. We are seeing what we discern as a single story, as well as what authorities say but will not show us telling another story. It's possible that it all fits perfectly (or the suspect is a clinically insane individual), however, this burden doesn't lie on the people. It's on Capitol Police and the FBI to provide us with all the information needed to make the perpetrator and the scenario appear to have some kind of semblance of sense. As long as that doesn't happen, the suspicions will persist.

All of this wouldn't have any significance if the media and Democrats were not thinking that this is blamed on all Republicans. This kind of nonsense is creating suspicion of the past of DePape. If everyone just came together and agreed that a person who is insane did something crazy, there would not be a problem.

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