Biden Avoids Battleground States as Election Is One Week Away

It's not surprising that a sitting president would be visiting important states prior to an election in the midterms. However, highly popular Joe Biden is avoiding battleground states such as Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada despite his claim that this election will be “one of the most important… in our lifetime.” The most important elections for governors and congress will be decisively decided on November 8th, but Biden has opted to stay out from states like Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada, according to reports in the Wall Street Journal:

“From the states that hold one of the more highly competitive Senate and governorship races in accordance with the Cook Political Report, Mr. Biden has visited six since September. 1. He hasn't visited Arizona, Nevada or Georgia, three states that are renowned for their midterm elections that have helped him get into his place in the White House.”

He's probably wise to avoid the area since polls show that nearly 50% of Americans aren't happy with his work performance. Following the disaster in Afghanistan, as well as the inflation rate, the insane gasoline prices, and the current border crisis. There's nothing to boast about. As we've previously mentioned, some candidates such as Georgia governor-elect candidate Stacey Abrams and Senate candidate (and the current Ohio Representative) Tim Ryan are keeping their distance from Biden and hoping that his smell of failure won't be a source of. Some political strategists are now saying that Biden is an “drag” on Democratic midterm hopes, and that he could become the “fall guy” if things aren't going as planned.

The Journal provides more details:

“In the meantime, as certain Democratic candidates remain in the shadows, he is focusing his attention on events that promote his policies, addresses from the White House and fundraisers. This approach is different from that of the former Presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama who both ran more in the first midterm elections after taking over the White House, but their party's campaigns still suffered significant losses.”

Democratic Christopher Kofinis, a strategist for the Democratic Party:

“The problem with this cycle is that, in terms of what we're doing today and where we're going, it's unclear what's the most secure option now. I'm not surprised that he's not heading into Arizona and Nevada. What's the question: is the man helping or hurting people in Pennsylvania and New York? This isn't obvious. I don't think there are any candidates who are clamoring for him to be a part of the team.”

It's time to show the hero: Barack Obama! Obama campaigned in Michigan and Wisconsin over the weekend. He will travel to Arizona and Nevada the following day. That's right all of the states in which Biden is essentially persona non in the eyes of the public. 

DailyMail states that Biden's calendar for campaigning is light in comparison with his previous campaigns:

“The Obama schedule for October 2010 prior to his first midterm election, Obama was on 22 visits to promote his presidential campaign.”

Biden has, by contrast, taken eight trips to support his campaign in the month of October 2022, as per an examination of the presidential travels by

It's a clear indication of how much Biden's standing has declined since his election. In the past, he got more than 80 million votes. Now Biden is losing people who would rather not vote for Biden. He has performed terrible work in his presidency and his appearance is viewed as a shame.

He's mostly been used for supporting deep blue regions. The fact that he voted in support of Kathy Hochul in New York's gubernatorial contest which, at one point Lee Zeldin was trailing his opponent by 25 percent, isn't an indication to be confident regarding Democrat prospects. He also tried to back Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman in a bid to win the Senate race, which unsurprisingly resulted in a disastrous outcome.

I'm not sure that even Barack could save him. In fact, I'm expecting a tsunami of red. An ineffective Biden will recognize that there is no hope for him in 2024, and announce that he won't be running. The race to become the next Democrat president will commence with a vengeance.

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