Democrats Push to Have Non-Citizens Vote

Before we begin, let's establish reality. It is true that the Democrat Party is the most corrupt organization in the world; Democrats' ability to conceal their deeds is matched only by the magnitude of their hypocrisy that has no limits. This is evident in their warnings against the GOP “stealing” elections.

One of the most striking examples was provided by the long-ignorant Hillary Clinton, who desperately insists that she's still relevant, and Democrats are glued to each (lying) statement.

As we wrote last Tuesday, Hillary falsely claimed:

“Right-wing extremists have a plan in place to make a mess of the next election for president.”

Uh-huh. And Trump collaborated with Russia to take the 2016 election away from you, don't you think? Hillary? 

One issue. We reported in October 2021 the truth that it was Hillary who was the one to collude in 2016 by enlisting an ex- British spy known as Christopher Steele to compile a mostly discredited dossier of outrageous accusations against Trump and with the assistance of members of Russian officials.

However, let's look at some more examples.

Although voting rights or the “right” to vote has been for a long time a privilege enjoyed by American citizens, left-wing activists are continuing to desire to let non-residents vote. As published in the Daily Caller, the Washington, D.C. City Council passed a measure that lets almost any person be able to vote in local elections regardless of citizenship status or status as an immigrant in the event that they've resided in the city for only 30 days.

This bill has become so radical that even its “left-leaning” Washington Post editorial board deemed the bill “radical.”

Voting is a fundamental right of citizens. This is why we are opposed to the bill that is expected to be approved by this week by the D.C. Council this week which would permit approximately 50,000 residents who are not citizens to vote for local and municipal elections.

The newspaper has fought initiatives over the last 10 years to change D.C.'s electoral code to allow green card holders to vote.

What's on the table for Council is more radical. Progressives believe that changing the electorate will enable them to change the local political landscape and push the city towards the left on topics like rent control and spending on social programs.

As WaPo added, there's no provision included in the legislation “to stop employees of embassies of countries that are clearly hostile towards America from casting ballots. Foreign students studying in Washington for one term.”

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