The View Uses Kids as Political Props During Halloween Show

Although it's not unusual to see adults dressed as elected officials and candidates for higher offices at Halloween, having kids wear similar costumes is generally viewed as inappropriate except when it's in a safe or non-abusive way.

It wasn't that way on the Halloween episode on “The View,” however, the show took their obsession with the former President Donald Trump to deranged levels by escorting children in front of their studios as well as their viewers at home dressed in costume to celebrate Halloween. The event was presented by wardrobe manager Ashley Alderfer-Kaufman. There were also a few children dressed as Republican characters and even FBI agents to add a bit of fun.

The first three following, dressed as Trump's toilet, in which they claimed without proof that the president flushed papers, and two FBI agents who were involved in the now-infamous Mar-a-Lago raid. Take note of the manner in which View Grifter “conservative” Alyssa Farah Griffin “laughs” the most, likely to make people forget that she once gushed about her time within Trump's administration.

Then, in the same segment, there was a child wearing the costume of Pennsylvania Republican Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz, who was mocked over the April video he recorded to purchase crudite ingredients at a local store.

Although it was not a political declaration, they turned into a costume, turning the Will Smith slap of Chris Rock into a costume making it appear as if they were glorifying violence

There were also kids dressed up as disbanded Choco Taco and other non-political items, however it was the costumes from Trump and Oz that got the most enthusiastic responses from the hosts.

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