Woman Steals Republican Yard Signs to Fight Fascism

Scott Davison is a grassroots candidate for school board elections in Carlsbad, California. As with many Republican hopefuls, Davison has been complaining about his opponents and/or their supporters taking yard signs.

It's a common practice for Democrats. It's just another method of censorship. It's not a minor one. In local elections names are crucial as are platform stances. For better or worse, certain voters will choose a candidate who is familiar with the office they aren't familiar with.

Here’s a suggestion: please, please, please don't cast your decision to vote for someone simply because they're cool. Certain of your most important local positions could be decided by as little as hundreds, or even thousands of votes. The result of your “throwaway” vote could be the reason you elect an individual who is completely in opposition to everything you consider to be a part of. Be aware that these are the ones who have the power to shut down schools, implement vaccination mandates, and fine your company and even end your business like they did in COVID. If you're not sure about the candidates running for an office, you can look at their ballots or visit their website. If you don't wish to complete that amount of work, you can do it. The ballot isn't a form of testing. There aren't any additional points for filling in the entire thing. It's totally acceptable to skip the category you're not familiar with.

Returning to the signs. Davison claims that sign theft in his race for school board is becoming particularly insidious recently. Not surprising considering the ginormous election Democrats have created for themselves in the last two years.

One brave, social justice activist who decided to help save America by taking signs from the land of Republicans she despises. Fortunately, her heroic actions were captured on video by a friend of Davison's. The Carlsbad candidate uploaded her video online on Monday.

In the video, an old lady is seen walking along the street with a huge tote bag strapped to her shoulder. The bag appeared to be “sign-shaped.” Perhaps she carried a gigantic checkerboard? Maybe a dance mat foldable to hold impromptu breakdancing contests?

The driver questions the woman to explain why she took down Republican signs, including one that was for Brian Maryott, Republican congressional candidate (although according to Davison his own signs were also removed). Grandma Karen's answer is comprehensive and thoughtful. She is also incredibly intelligent.

“Because these people are fascists.”

Oh. Okay. Keep going.

The driver was not content to allow Grandma Karen carry on, however. He demanded to know about her theft.

Driver: Hi, I saw you remove the Maryott signs.

GK: Do you want it?

Driver: I don't believe you should do this. This is theft first of all.

GK: It's located on public land!

Signs that are political in nature count as to be property, and the theft of political signs is considered to be property theft or destruction in the eyes of laws in nearly all towns in America. 

When the driver questions why she took only Republican signs, and left the Democrat signs, she replies:

“I took some other signs!”

Then, in addition to having Grandma Karen admitting to stealing Republican signs due to the fact that she isn't a fan of Republicans, she also admits in video form that she snatched the other signs that were missing as well. The Democrats aren't sending their best.

Davison affirms that he does not think it is surprising that supporters of his rival are willing to engage in illegal conduct. They've branded him a “liar, bigot, bully and anti-LGBTQ+” and after making the devil out of a human being, and shallow people believe they are entitled to any type of behavior under the guise or “justice.”

Davison states that he's made a police complaint with his local Oceanside Police Department and his team is working to find the person who stole the sign and has some tips.

Republican candidates as well as local GOP offices ought to begin contemplating the possibility of forming teams to monitor thefts such as this. It may seem absurd however, it's not insignificant as the best way to guarantee integrity in elections is to hold criminals and anti-democratic activists accountable for their lawbreaking. This has to be costly as they've already incurred America far more than they deserve.

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