Los Angeles County Voter Tries to Drop off Ballot and Discovers the Key Inside the Lock of the Ballot Drop Box

As Election Day 2022 nears, the integrity of the election is becoming more important. Pennsylvania authorities have been trying to count all mail-in ballots possible, even ones that violate laws. There has recently been an instance of reckless negligence or deliberate cheating concerning early voting. This example was in California.

Video footage depicts the ballot drop box with keys hanging from it on the side which people would walk up to it. The voiceover declares:

“I went to go vote, but this is looking a little suspicious. Why is there a key in there?”

The voter then called the office of the LA County Registrar-Recorder and was asked an hour later to place the keys in a dropbox at the library as the librarian would not be available until 12:00 noon and no one could pick up the keys right away.

As the story progresses, it becomes apparent that librarians are gatekeepers of voting security.

In review, there is no explanation as to why the person who was responsible for removing the ballots out of the dropbox was able to leave, possibly with the ballots inside… but left the keys inside the lock. A good citizen saw the keys and contacted the Los Angeles Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk office. “Oh wow, thanks, we're on it.” A while passed, and the keys were there. The citizen again contacted the Los Angeles Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk office. The citizen was told to just leave them with the librarian as the box was located outside a library.

If this was the last or the sole dropbox checked that day, it's quite possible that the person who was preparing to pick up the ballots became distracted or forgot to take the keys. Many people have left keys in a lock at some point. It's quite embarrassing to discover them left behind in the lock.

What are the chances that this was the final dropbox serviced that day? If the person who was servicing the dropbox forgot the keys, how would they have not noticed that they weren't carrying them when returning to work? 

These incidents fuel speculation that elections aren't secure. The Democrats have been able in recent times to help make the process of voter registration “easier” with measures such as giving everyone a ballot, dropboxes, and other such measures. These methods also open up a variety of new possibilities to cheat.

When a nation is no longer able to trust the government to count votes with accuracy and allow only legally cast votes, it is in trouble. Things have gone beyond the realm of radical conspiracy theorists and are now part of the mainstream discussion. The same people who yelled “Russia Russia Russia” in 2016 went on to yell, “Everything is on the up and up” in 2020. 

RedState’s Mike Miller recently pointed out:

As we reported in October 2021, it was Hillary who did the colluding in 2016, hiring a former British spy named Christopher Steele to compile a mostly-debunked dossier full of salacious allegations against Trump — with the help of members of Russia’s government.

Plenty more examples abound, but let’s move on.

While the “right” to vote has long been a privilege of American citizens, left-wing activists continue their demand to let non-citizens vote. In one example, as reported by Daily Caller, the Washington, D.C. City Council advanced a bill to let virtually anyone vote in local elections — regardless of citizenship or immigration status — as long as they’ve lived in the city for just 30 days.

The bill is so extreme that even the “left-leaning” Washington Post editorial board called it “radical.”

Perhaps the keys were a genuine error. Maybe. Such events, however, cause many to become more  skeptical of the federal government, which is a shame.

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