Don Bolduc Dodges Attacker and then Slams Maggie Hassan in Debate

In New Hampshire, after Don Bolduc avoided a punch from a potential attacker before the debate on Wednesday night, he was the clear winner in the debate.

When stepping into the event, a YouTuber, who will remain unnamed, tried to hit the Republican candidate for the US Senate. Bolduc is a retired brigadier general, and he got out of the way of the attempted punch. This happened at the same time as Joe Biden was giving a speech that described Republicans as “threats to democracy,” ironically.

The reports indicate that the perpetrator was detained, and Bolduc continued to the debate stage, where he debated Hassan.

“Everything [Maggie Hassan] talks about wastes money, costs money, and takes money out of everyone’s pocket,” Bolduc said. He continued to say that with Joe Biden and Maggie Hassan in charge, “you can’t even buy a house, you can’t even rent property, you can’t even feed your children, you can’t even heat your home. That is the ultimate tax.” His final statement of the night was “You have to ask yourselves, Granite Staters, are you better off today than you were two years ago? Two years ago, you were NOT making choices between heating and eating.”

Maggie Hassan is a deeply disdainful and generic Democrat who votes for Joe Biden every time. She's not doing particularly well in New Hampshire, which while technically blue has a well-known independent streak. Bolduc was once branded for being an “election denier” because that's the only charge a Democrat can make against a Republican, is running an organized campaign that's yielding results.

He hammered Hassan on the issues since these issues reveal the extent of a failure she has been. She's accomplished nothing in Washington and is an unofficial spokesman of policies which have hurt working Americans. As she brought up Jan. 6, Bolduc spoke about the important issues that Americans care about. For instance, what will they do to take care of their families and afford their rent, let alone those who must put their plans on hold due to Hassan and her party's economic policies.

The border is in chaos, inflation is rising, retirements are declining, and interest rates are high enough that an average American isn't able to afford a house now. This is Hassan’s legacy and Bolduc made it known in the discussion.

Recent polls have not just indicated that the Republican is winning, the gold-standard poll for New Hampshire actually has him leading just before the election. This is a great place to be in considering that people in New Hampshire don’t tend to vote early. Can Bolduc win the election? It appears to be more likely than two weeks ago.

Regarding the punch that didn’t happen before the debate, will the mainstream press be interested in having an ongoing national debate about the issue of violence in politics? It’s not likely. CNN actually did a review of the debate but didn't even mention the attempted attack. They're not concerned about violence in the political arena. They are only concerned about the attack on Republicans.

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