Elon Musk Responds to Complaints With a Hilarious Look at the Hypocrisy of AOC

This is worth the $8.

There are a lot of reactions to Tesla Chief Executive Officer and Chief Twit Elon Musk's announcement that blue checks will be given to those who sign up with Twitter Blue at $8 a month. The purpose is pretty clear. Not only will it decrease the amount of bots on Twitter and assist in identifying authentic accounts, but it will also earn a decent amount of money for the company.

Many blue-check leftists are upset and protesting the announcement, since they realize they'll not be the top users of Twitter any longer. Naturally, they are arguing that asking for any amount of money will only harm the poor.

It seems like that is the AOC's position. New York's increasingly unpopular socialist politician, who only has business experience from making alcoholic beverages attacked Musk for charging $8 for what should be free speech.

Musk's reply was brief but funny and dismissive.

“Your feedback is appreciated, now pay $8.”

However, he wasn't finished with her just yet. Musk responded to his insult with a critique of AOC. After visiting AOC’s website, Musk noticed that she was charging ridiculous costs for her merchandise and even $58 for an extremely ugly sweater.

Musk was trying to draw attention to how absurd it is for AOC to accuse him of charging $8 per monthly for a service offered on his website, whereas she's charging a lot more for less. This is in reference to the fact that AOC is seeking to “tax the rich” but is charging too much for clothes.

To clarify, Musk isn't charging $8 for free speech like AOC claimed. It's actually to provide you with more advantages to the site, such as the badge of verification, which is now available to anyone for less than $10 per month.

Some may think it's a slightly sensitive issue to allow Musk to continue to respond to AOC like this, but in overall, that's exactly what is needed in this nation. AOC hasn’t been called to task by the media for quite a long period of time, and it's time that she loses her unfair advantage. She is no longer being protected by leftists behind the scenes.

It's also a chance to “pick on someone your own size” in the modern age. AOC's spies will defend her, but Musk's reaction shows her to be the liar that she is, and nobody can hide the reaction to it in order to protect her.

AOC has lost a lot of ground in recent times.

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