Hollywood’s War Against Children Is on Display With Jimmy Kimmel’s Latest Rant

On a recent “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” broadcast, he had resorted to his old routine… humiliating and scarring children. He's been guilty of this in the past but, given the backlash he received, it seemed that he’d stopped doing this.

To illustrate, he asks parents to film themselves confessing that they ate their kids’ candy from Halloween. It's funny, isn't it?

However, it's not. The sight of children who are truly angry or crying to get a laugh is heartbreaking and cruel. Older children often mention small little moments that they recall as young children and claim they were a huge influence on them many years after.

It might be fun to laugh at, but the kids will be able to remember this moment in the future when they're 40 or 50. Children feel emotionally affected by these incidents in a way that we adults cannot fully comprehend. Think about a moment of tragedy that you've experienced in your life. Looking at it from a distance, you might not think it was crucial. Perhaps it wasn't. You didn't receive that glass of lemonade. However, at the time it was painful because you were just a kid.

Would you find yourself laughing out loud as these kids cry?

The entire segment was mocking the pain of children. It was sad to see the kids because they were being laughed at by viewers. 

You might think Kimmel isn’t a parent because parents wouldn't be promoting doing this type of thing to children. However, Kimmel has four children. Hopefully, he doesn't do this sort of thing to his own kids to laugh at them.

Cancel culture isn’t the way to respond to poor choices, and comedians are entitled to mock anyone they choose to, whether they are politicians, activists, or CEOs. However, no one should make fun of children. In debates regarding trans rights and drag queen shows, children should be left out of it.

The idea of making children cry for laughs isn't funny. It's inhumane.

With the COVID policies that affected children more than everyone else, the ongoing war on abortions in which they appear to be aiming to have fewer children, and the environmentalist fervor which claims that the birth of children is detrimental to the environment, It's not hard to believe that those on the Left are actively hostile to children. Kimmel's show may appear to be harmlessly “funny” at first, but in reality, he's merely shaming children to get laughs and we should change the channel.

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