Kari Lake Responds to Allegations From Brian Sicknick’s Mother Regarding January 6th

With just a few days before the gubernatorial elections in Arizona, an exhausted Katie Hobbs, having trailed throughout the campaign, chose to give one final push against Kari Lake. With nothing else to campaign on and being questioned about her decision to not engage in a debate, Hobbs brought up January 6th.

It came shortly before Joe Biden reprised his “red speech” on Wednesday night as part of a larger change among Democrat candidates as economic figures and other failures in policy are likely to strengthen Republicans in the last days before the election.

A supposed boost to Hobbs was in an advertisement that was made by deceased USCP Officer Brian Sicknick's mom. In the ad, Gladys Sicknick essentially said Lake killed her son, saying she believes that “my son died because of people like Kari Lake.”

“Kari Lake is very dangerous for our country. She saw what happened on January 6 and continues to spread the big lie,” Sicknick says.

“We’re going to have more violence because people, they believe whatever she says,” she continues. “It’s very dire for our democracy, for our country, with candidates like Kari Lake.”

The thing to note is this: Supre PAC, which paid for the advertisement, is managed by the usual suspects, which includes Bill Kristol and Tim Miller. However, the allegations are absurd. There aren’t any quotes from Lake in the ad. What did she say that possibly caused January 6th? This is omitted, and merely a broad, absurd accusation of the “big lie,” as if free speech regarding any aspect of the security of elections must be banned.

If someone would like to claim a person is guilty of murder via proxy, they should be very specific about how it happened. The second narrative that Lake is currently saying things that could trigger violence is also false. When did Lake even speak about the 2020 election other than being questioned about it by the liberal media? She's been consistent in her message, speaking about the border crisis as well as the economy. She's not circulating stories about fraudulent elections while campaigning.

When Lake was asked questions about the ad, she gave a flawless answer, slaying the deception without feeding the flame.

Lake is clear that Sicknick died from natural causes after a stroke on the 7th of January. Medical examiners found no indications of trauma, nor any evidence that he consumed any chemical the day prior to his death. Lake also pointed out the obvious fact that she was not at the Capitol Building on January 6th and she never urged visitors to visit the building.

However, instead of providing the media with the message they had in mind, namely an attack against Sicknick’s mother, she expressed sympathy, which was the right thing to do. When confronting a grieving person, it is important to help them grieve, not fight back to gain political points. Lake's calm approach helped defuse the situation while stressing the facts to the public.

This will never end because Democrats don’t have anything better than this, but it ought to end. People like Lake aren't responsible for the death of Brian Sicknick. There is no one to blame for his death, since he passed away from natural causes. Making use of a deceased man as a political ploy is inhumane, and while Sicknick's mother shouldn’t be criticized for her part because of the circumstances, Democrats like Hobbs who participate in it should be slammed, both verbally and in the voting booth.

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