AOC’s Rage at Elon Continues, With a New Accusation

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) was angry about Elon Musk's latest proposal to charge $8 per month to be verified (having the blue check mark) along with other services associated with the service. The congresswoman referred to the idea of charging money for “free speech,” indicating that the socialists don't grasp the fundamental principle enshrined by our Constitution. Elon was amused, demanding her $8 and then pointing out that AOC was charging $58 for a sweatshirt that was overpriced. He revealed her hypocrisy, using much fewer words.

However, AOC was unable to let it go, and continued to throw a fit. She complained about her plight of being asked to pay eight dollars. She even made a claim that Musk of somehow stifling her flow of traffic.

He wasn’t mad at her and trying to get back at her. He was just having fun with lots of people who were complaining. However, she was among those who refused to stop complaining.

AOC is insecure and constantly projects her insecurity on others. She criticized Musk for being “over-leveraged” by saying that people need to “Remember that next time you question yourself or your qualifications.”

She reacted so badly that she recorded a video in which she accused him of shutting her down on Twitter.

Campaigns for political office don't offer tangible goods. They just provide things such as AOC. Has anyone told her to not eat when her mouth half full? It's a bizarre rant.

Musk isn't going to make a fuss about her meltdown, and he probably didn’t do anything to her Twitter account. it's simply her whining, as she often does. Musk isn't annoyed by her. She acts like a child.

However, what's intriguing is the fact that she's now worried about being shadowbanned. She didn't seem to care about it occurring to conservatives in the previous Twitter administration. Now, she's worried since the left isn't in the control of Twitter any more. They're not going to be pampered anymore. Instead, they're being treated like all the other people. That's the problem for her.

The plethora of rants over this is hilarious. It's $8. People often spend nearly this much on one morning coffee. AOC earns $174,000 per year just from her position in Congress. However, she can't let it go. He won’t date her, and his achievements are far greater than she has ever had. As the chief executive of a variety of businesses, has sent people to space and employs thousands of people. She was the socialist bartender. It seems as if she feels inadequate. But the shift has happened, and complaining won’t save her from needing to pay $8.

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