Shots Fired at Republican Candidate’s House in Midst of Contentious Race

The house of the GOP Candidate for the House of Representatives came under fire in late October and a bullet landed close to his sleeping children.

Pat Harrigan, who is running for North Carolina's 14th District, was awakened by gunshots on the 18th of October. The incident is being investigated by the FBI.

The FBI have launched an investigation after a gunman shot into the North Carolina home of relatives of a Republican running for Congress – with the bullet landing just feet away from where the candidate’s children had been sleeping.

The shooting transpired on October 18 in Hickory at a home belonging to Republican Pat Harrigan’s parents, as he fights for an open seat in the famously liberal 14th Congressional District, in a contentious race.

The congressional candidate’s daughters, aged 3 and 5, were asleep in the bedroom directly above the room where the shooting occurred, with the bullet coming from a densely wooded area behind the house, piercing a window but not waking the girls.

The first reaction for those in this situation is to think that it was a shot that accidentally hit the home. However, since it was nighttime and the house was not in a danger zone, it's unlikely that this was a hunter out hunting. What's more alarming is the fact that the bullet originated from property that Harrigan owns. It is believed that someone fired the bullet at the house purposely in the hopes of intimidating Harrigan and his family.

Harrigan, a former green beret, is in a heated battle with Democrat Jeff Jackson. The latter is highly expected to win the race, and the news of the shooting likely won't alter the odds.

There's more to take note of here, however. The absence of coverage of this incident and the lack of coverage we've seen in other violent acts or attempts to harm Republican candidates. When Paul Pelosi is attacked, the attack demands a “national conversation.” When Lee Zeldin is targeted, this incident is ridiculed.

If Nancy Pelosi gets a death threat, we all must stop her name from appearing in campaign advertisements. When someone is trying to kill Brett Kavanaugh, no one recommends that Democrats reduce the “end of democracy” rhetoric. On the same day that Biden delivered a speech that claimed Republicans are a threat to the country, a man attempted to punch GOP Senate candidate Dan Bolduc. It was hardly mentioned. The mainstream media did bother to cover the incident.

This is the double standard we face. The media and Democrats don't care about the violence of politics. They are only concerned with the factors that drive their political agenda. If anyone even is looking at a Democrat in a wrong way, it's reported in the national news. If someone is trying to take down a Republican, it is completely ignored. Keep in mind that the next time they shout for you to respond to what they want you to pay attention to.

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