When the Insane Think You’re Crazy, It’s Possible You Are

Democrats are desperately looking for an issue to change their chances before the election on Tuesday.

They've kept to their “end of democracy” delusion. Biden has made numerous speeches that claimed that Republicans overall, and also the election of Republicans, will bring an end to democracy, and America will be a relapse to “1984.” It's a difficult claim for anyone who is sensible.

The shift in public opinion has been the most dramatic for the white women of suburban areas. A lot of them voted Democrats. In the past two years, they've witnessed what it’s like having a terrible president and a group of leftists in Congress, and they've become fed up with the madness. The demographic is now shifting to favor Republicans by 15%. The last time around this demographic favored by Democrats by 12 points. This was an increase of 27 percent.

Yet Biden and his group of nitwits are screaming Trump! and “The Sky is Falling” for months. They've asked Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger to support Democrats since they believe that voting for Republicans is an attack on the democratic process. It's had the opposite result.

We are now in the final phases of illusion. Democrats, their media acolytes, and helpful idiots like Cheney and Kinzinger have stopped screaming at clouds to scream at ghosts. They said their “end of democracy” delusion so many times that they believe the ridiculous assertions. But no one else does.

A historian recorded a video saying that should Republicans be elected, historians won’t be allowed to write the history of our nation any longer, children could be hunted down and killed under an oppressive system of authoritarian rule, and we might not be a democracy in the future. And all that “could be” just an election away.

There's only one way to describe, and that is insane.

They've repeated the same insane, rage-filled nonsense for months, and people seem to have had enough of it.

It's so bad that even the insane have decided that it's crazy.

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