Greatest Hits From Democrat Debates

Many of you may recall the Bill Cosby show “Kids Say the Darndest Things,” in which comedians recorded candid conversations with children that resulted in hilarious scenes.

It’s time for a new show called “Dems Say the Stupidest Things.” 

There's been at least 135 debates in this election cycle, but even a committed politician wouldn't have been in a position to discover the absurd things Democrats have put out. The good news is that RNC Research, the White House's least liked Twitter account, has compiled the best moments, and now we're providing these to you.

Let's begin with one the most famous ever whoppers:

Whitmer claimed that schools in Michigan were only closed for “three months”. As Whitmer's Republican opponent Tudor Dixon pointed out, there was an “audible gasp around town.” In reality, numerous institutions in Michigan were closed for over a year and this isn't not a secret. It's time to award Whitmer the “A” for sheer gall.

Moving to the next step, New York Governor Kathy Hochul could have ruined her own campaign with just one utterly shocking, tone-deaf comment to her rival, Republican Lee Zeldin: “I don't know why [talking about crime] is so important to you.”

Hochul's admissions are shocking. People are regularly shoved into subway trains and sexually assaulted while running through New York City, but Governor Hochul would rather that you focus on abortion, the attack on the democratic process, green energy, or whatever else she believes is more crucial than, you know, the actual safety of your family. Tuesday could be a very painful wake-up call to Ms. Hochul.

Here's an excellent story: Connecticut Senator Richard (“Da Nang Dick”) Blumenthal thinks that sky-high gas prices and the diesel shortage and our energy problems really don't matter and certainly no thing Democrats did caused it.

And there's more, but we're unable to be able to recount every utterance of a lunatic that is made by Democrats. There are too many. We cannot leave but to mention our most loved comedian for candidate, Texas gubernatorial hopeful Beto O'Rourke. Polls indicate that he is losing to governor Gregg Abbott by a margin of 53-40 percent. This kind of behavior could be something to have to do with his lack of appeal.

Remember that, Beto, in the future. They're actually recording your words.

The American citizens are becoming aware of the absurdity coming from Democrats' mouths. If the polls are anything close to accurate, the blue-party is likely to get defeated in the midterm elections. Check out the entire RNC Research thread to get the fullest of absurd remarks from the party which claims to be every adult in the room.

While some of their comments are absurd enough to be funny, we should continue to expose their true identity and what they represent.

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