Manchin Realizes Biden Is a Democrat

The midterm elections just days away, Joe Biden decided it'd be an excellent idea to go on a rant about shutting down coal-fired power plants. As RedState reported, the president declared the following: “we're going to be shutting down these plants all across America” to make way for energy-efficient, non-sustainable solar and wind projects.

Naturally, the statement received lots of stares of confusion. What is the reason Biden, even if he is convinced, would be so foolish to scream from the rooftops about job losses just as the voters of crucial battleground states go to the ballot box?

Senator Joe Manchin, whose state heavily depends on coal mining, was not thrilled. Manchin slammed Biden in a statement on Saturday morning, calling Biden's remarks “outrageous and divorced from reality.”

Manchin is right that Biden's views change “depending on the audience and the politics of the day.” Manchin is also correct that the administration's anti-energy policies are only going to create additional “pain” for Americans.

Sometimes, you could be right, but still get a laugh and this happens a lot of instances. Joe Manchin is not new to Washington, DC. Manchin is a friend of Biden’s and has worked alongside Joe Biden for decades. In that context, nothing Biden made in his remarks should be a surprise. In fact, the president has been talking about his plans to close coal-fired power plants for several years.

To allow Manchin to claim to be outraged over something he's aware of is absurd. It's the most ridiculous form of political showmanship that is made more absurd due to the fact that Manchin was the West Virginia senator recently signed on to an $800 billion package packed with “climate change” giveaways. What did he really believe was going to transpire? Do you think he was seriously thinking that his Democrat co-workers would utilize the funds to help coal mining?

Manchin made a decision on whether to take back his position in the summer. Manchin could have stood by his principle of honesty, stayed true to his word, and not attacked his Republican colleagues. Instead, he chose to make himself an icon to the extreme left. What has worked for his career? Do you remember the time when Manchin claimed he was going to receive “permitting reform” as payment to vote on the misleadingly named Inflation Reduction Act? It didn't happen. 

Manchin is the ultimate sucker. He was played and is now looking to tack towards the opposite side, displaying his faux anger. His political career has ended. He was able to be a good person and failed. Manchin is the owner of Joe Biden and his policies currently are in place, and there's no way to get out of it.

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