Trump Goes After DeSantis During Rally

It's probably an issue of timing however, having it happen three days prior to the midterms isn't optimal.

Donald Trump held a rally in Pennsylvania, but as is the norm, the people running for office were not the focus. Instead, the former president sat for much of the event speaking about his own personal life. It's not necessarily a negative thing. It's a Trump rally at the end of the day and, to be honest, they're engaging.

Unfortunately, instead of a few of the things he's said getting news, there's just one clip that's going viral Saturday night. This is in which Trump took part in friendly fire and took his very well-known shot on Ron DeSantis.

Trump is probably frightened that DeSantis is likely to increase his popularity by winning a resounding victory. It's a pity. Do you really think that a national primary poll is a valid source? Trump has been known to dismiss polls for decades, and primaries are not a vote for the nation. The momentum is all that matters and the winner is determined by specific performance in specific states. Is Trump the top choice at the moment? Yes, but that isn't going to be the case in November of 2022.

People should support Trump in the race for 2024's nomination due to the fact that they truly believe that Trump is the most qualified candidate to do the job. There's no need to attempt to discredit DeSantis and especially not before he's announced that he's running for president.

Furthermore, pursuing DeSantis in this way even as a “joke,” makes Trump look weak and vulnerable. It's interesting that the public barely reacts. That's because the vast majority of Trump supporters aren't keen on demonizing DeSantis, at the very least not now. DeSantis has proven to be too successful and has racked up several victories.

It's true that this may cause a stir in some circles when, but it wasn't an acceptable appearance. The best time to begin running for president is in mid-2023, not days before a midterm which could determine the future of our country. Republicans should keep a focus on the game. It's all about getting Congress back.

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