Elon Musk Gets Last Laugh as Kathy Griffin Tries to Punk Him

Whatever “new” Twitter is under Elon Musk, it's more effective than it was in the past. There's no longer a ban on people because they're honest. You can also ridicule journalists once more and the rules are being enforced equally.

The most significant change, however, was Musk's announcement of modifications to verification. Twitter has employed verification to serve as a method of extortion that is seeking large sums of money to get the sought-after blue checkmark. Verification also has created a sort of structure on the site, and considering the arbitrary nature Twitter has had with its approach to giving the verification system, it has been used to promote partisan goals for a long time.

Musk wants to change that by providing the verification feature as part of Twitter Blue, a pre-existing monthly service for paid subscriptions that offers various features. The blue checkmark will be available to all, and has made many leftists rage.

One of them is the far-left “comedian” Kathy Griffin, who chose to take another person's joke (a small sample of her professional life) as well as pretend to be Elon Musk via Twitter. This was apparently done in order in protest against the decision to make verification an expense. Evidently, Griffin didn't bother to study the terms and conditions of service because something extraordinary happened.

It's always enjoyable to witness justice being served. Griffin has utilized Twitter as her private play area with no consequences, and regularly infringed the TOS. She posted a famous image of herself with an octopus-stained head that was supposed to represent Donald Trump. She probably believed that she was untouchable and she was quickly slammed for this idea.

It's getting better, however. Musk decided that he didn't want to play the game with people who are against him and are determined to destroy his business. Musk released new guidelines that make imitation on Twitter an indefinite suspension.

If you check Griffin's Twitter, you will see that it's not there anymore. It is no longer “temporarily suspended.” It is now “suspended,” which would mean she's not back at all, or not without bending her knee in some way.

Griffin was too close to the sun, just like some others who attempted the same trick. Impersonation is always against the TOS and there is no reason to believe that the rules had changed. What actually happened, however, is that the left accustomed to playing by the rules of a different kind under the old management, they followed it. This is no longer the case and it's fun to see people entirely defined by a blue checkmark getting smashed against the brick wall of Elon Musk.

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