Elon Musk Takes Notice of Twitter User Allegation

Elon Musk purchased Twitter and is now cleaning house.

He fired a few of the most prominent people as soon as he arrived and is now firing around 50% of his staff in an attempt to make the company feasible for the future.

The media and people on the Left have also been slamming when he's in charge. In fact, Joe Biden — the person who cannot go a day without telling outrageous lies — has been accused by Twitter of spouting “lies.”

“What do we have to worry about? Elon Musk goes out and purchases a company that spreads lies across the globe. There are no editors any more in America. How do we expect our children to comprehend the stakes?”

Indeed, how can the left let people examine the facts on their own while the left is able to censor them, deceive, and even push their agenda?

One of the most hilarious outbursts has come from blue-checked Twitter users who are furious over Musk's plan to charge $8 for verification and some benefits, such as fewer ads. Some of them included Rep. Alexandria OcasioCortez (D-NY) throwing a fit at Musk and accusing him of trying to block accounts. 

One Twitter user, @WSBChairman, who has nearly 950,000 followers, dropped a little bomb, which received lots of attention and even from Elon Musk himself.

“Twitter employees were selling verification for upwards of $15,000. For certain accounts, mine included, they would refuse to verify you through the standard application process and then privately offer to verify you for $$ behind the scenes. Investigation needed.”

This made Musk look up and pay attention.

Musk simply replied, “Yup”. 

It wasn't immediately clear if “yup”  was an acknowledgment of the tweet's content being authentic — that the verification was offered for the price of that — or if it was just an acknowledgment of the need for an investigation.

WSBChairman stated that people had already paid $15,000 which was the reason why some felt apprehensive about having to pay an extra $8 per month plus that.

He also deleted a tweet which he claimed to be from an acquaintance who he was discussing with on Twitter.

It's unclear about the legitimacy of such claims, but it could be a major scandal if the previous Twitter powerhouses were in on this. This might be the reason why checkbooks that are liberally blue and melting in the event that they were paid for the claim. You would think that we'd have heard about this in the past.

It's clear that verification was incredibly random — people who were genuine media, but conservative, would not receive the blue check mark, but random liberals on the side could. The entire process could benefit from an overhaul, and that's just one of the issues which could be changed using the new system of monthly payments of $8.

However, it appears that Musk will do everything to smooth the situation.

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