Joe Biden Is Thrown Under the Bus

The calm before the storm is now in place before Tuesday's crucial mid-term elections. The final results are out as well as early voting stopped. Each side has staked their positions on what is likely to take place, and we'll not find out anything more important until late into the night on Election Day.

This is typically an opportunity to coalesce until the end of the game and not to spit out insults. But, Joe Biden is getting dismissed ahead of his time.

CNN's Daniel Dale has always had tepid fact-checks on Biden. Prior to this, they were a rare sight and often laced with qualifiers that tried to dispel Biden's lies. It's a totally different approach, however, as it is an absolute attack in a style that we've never seen before. If you take a look in its entirety, you will find more than nine detailed corrections to Biden's recent lies, ranging from the cost of gas to social security.

Dale's sudden shift isn't only a story in the media either. This week, we've seen The New York Times and The Washington Post publish articles basically saying that Biden cannot be the 2024 presidential nominee. The fact that this has happened in the days leading up to the election is quite a surprise.

After years of denial about the issue and pretending that it was a fake right-wing attack, the anger on the left about Biden is evident. They want him out sooner rather than later and, amid the angst, a new rival has come to light.

Yesterday's rally in Philadelphia, featuring Barack Obama and Josh Shapiro, who is the odds-on favorite to take on the Pennsylvania governorship race, sparked a firestorm on social media. Democrats were enthralled by his charisma and ability to convey radical ideas with an empathetic manner. It was the same response that Obama himself had to endure a few years ago following the infamous DNC speech and it wasn't casual conversation.

Democrats are extremely dissatisfied with their current team. Few are willing to allow Kamala Harris to make any move other than to go and go in peace. She's extremely unpopular and unlikable as well as carrying the stench from the Biden administration's misdeeds with her. While Pete Buttigieg is over-rated at best and is unable to unify the minority factions within his Democrat base. The hunt for a different candidate is on and Shapiro will begin receiving more attention.

The Democrats have put themselves in a tough spot. Eliminating Biden is actually the easiest part, but Biden and his overly-exuberant wife will not leave without a reason. However, enough pressure may result in a primary game which causes Biden to send his ball home rather than suffer humiliation.

The biggest issue is what happens after that. How could Democrats be sure that they don't make Harris the candidate? Are their voters really going to let them throw the first vice president of African descent off a cliff in favor of a five-foot-tall white guy from Pennsylvania? Don't forget the fact that Gavin Newsom is obviously going to be running as well. There is a chance that we will witness the most violent, aggressive Democratic primary of all time in the 2024 election.

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