Obama Gets Attention for “New” Accent

Democrats have pulled out their most-loved weapons, lies and the former president. Barack Obama has been crisscrossing the nation and working the crowds. The location of the event is what determines whether Obama will be traditional or more country. He's just a normal guy talking to people in the crowd with his sleeves folded, doing the work to work people. His most annoying as well as condescending faux accent is that of the Southern Baptist Preacher. He'll drawl, skipping each “g”. He'll take a pause to emphasize the point and turn his head to show the point. 

There's a term to describe it. It's known as Code-Switching. Political leaders use it to reach out to the people they're speaking to.

Obama was born to white parents as well as white grandparents. Obama attended mostly white-dominated secondary schools, and later went into the Ivy League. Hillary Clinton is also a beneficiary of privilege and the Ivy League. Her connection to the south began when she married a southerner. Obama has employed an imitation southern accent with some effect, but Hillary's version is hilarious. Giving Obama some credit for his general southern drawl sounds interesting, however it is a little irritating. The last time Clinton made it up, it seemed similar to Eliza Doolittle.

This election year, Obama was too busy to pay attention where he was at and has been using his southern accent throughout Detroit and Arizona in addition to Georgia.

About 15 years ago, Hillary Clinton busted out her fake southern drawl, and advised Americans to cast their ballots blue. She said she “don't feel no ways tired.” was less convincing than Biden's football stories of glory.

Well, we are sick of hearing Barack Obama pretending that he's Southern-born. We are sick of Obama lying about the election and declaring to America to believe that “democracy is on the ballot” should Republicans win the election. We are sick of the “end of the Republic” nonsense. He's not a southerner, and democracy isn't at risk.

Please vote accordingly.

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