Stacey Abrams Begins the Blame Game Ahead of Loss

Stacey Abrams appears to know she'll likely lose her effort to remove Georgia Governor Brian Kemp on Tuesday. After struggling to sustain the degree of backing she got during her first run in 2018, it appears the signs are on the wall.

What is notable in this particular instance is the person Abrams is claiming to be responsible for her impending loss: Black male voters.

In an interview with MSNBC, Abrams addressed her worrying poll numbers, and in particular her decline in support from her black population. Abrams said:

“It's not due to a deep source of hatred towards my rival. We all know that voters of color are frequently snubbed. This year, however, black males have been the most targeted for false information. There is no misinformation about the things they would like, but the reasons they deserve the things they're entitled to. My campaign is the only one to have deliberately, thoughtfully, and constantly reached out.”

NewsNation journalist Zaid Jilani pointed out the different between the proportion of black voters who support Abrams in the present time versus what the numbers were in the year 2018:

“Concerning the issue of worry in vs. respect, the Marist survey of the race has Abrams with 82 percent of African American voters which would be a significant drop from 2018, if the poll will be mirrored by the final outcome”

In 2018 Abrams was supported by over 90 percent of voters who are black in Georgia. As Jilani tweets regarding the issues of black males, it's all about jobs:

“There's a simple reason Kemp may be performing better with black males than he did in 2018. Just a few days ago, Kemp was present at the opening of an Hyundai electric vehicle plant in Savannah The largest economic growth of its kind in GA history. It's all about jobs.”

This could be the reason why Abrams' popularity with males of color has waned. She said they're more prone to believing “misinformation” instead of addressing their concerns. It's not about fake news. It concerns the reality that African-American Americans are disproportionately affected from the up-and-coming economic circumstances Democrats made since taking over the federal government.

Perhaps this is an indicator of what we are likely to see following the election. Democrats have already begun looking for a reason to not be responsible for their losses. They've already targeted suburban white women. They might be tempted to throw black males in to make it more interesting, and why wouldn't they?

Abrams has been making apologies to African-Americans at certain times during her campaign, acknowledging that their vote is crucial to her future political prospects. However, so far, it doesn't seem like her efforts are paying off like they did in the year 2018. In light of the fact that Kemp is ahead of her by 8 points, based on the most recent RealClearPolitics average, it's likely that he'll end up in Georgia for another term as governor.

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