Bill Clinton Raises Eybrows With Answer About Jeffrey Epstein

There aren't many slimmer than Bill as well as Hillary Clinton. They've been campaigning to support New York Gov. Kathy Hochul. If you didn't already know, Hochul was not a good choice due to her track record as a politician.  It’s obvious she was not the right person for the job because of the people she is dragging in to help her, like the Clintons.

Hochul and Hillary have been trying to downplay the concern of citizens regarding crime, a shrewd move considering it's among the most important concerns for New Yorkers. Hochul said Republicans were pushing for the issues and claimed there was a national “conspiracy.”

In the meantime, Bill Clinton has gotten involved and has been mocking Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) for being concerned about the concerns of voters.

Yesterday, @BillClinton, and @KathyHochul were laughing and laughing about recent subway crime. This is all you must be aware of about how much they care about your safety and security. The thousands of victims of the rampant crime are not laughing at it. We all deserve better.

— Lee Zeldin (@leezeldin) November 6 2022

Like Bill Clinton, Zeldin doesn't have a wall to protect him. He's been victimized by crime as are many New Yorkers. He's also a victim of it. This will show you what Democrats consider you to be and what you're most concerned about. They only care about their power and they'll do whatever it takes to achieve that.

But that wasn't the only aspect that revealed how shady Bill Clinton was. A reporter seized the chance to inquire what his network was with Jeffrey Epstein at an event in Texas to support Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX). The expression on Hillary Clinton's face was amazing. If the look of a woman could kill it, this was it. Also, he laughed in a really bizarre manner.

The reporter also said to make sure that the man had “not suicidal.” Good for him for taking the risk when many others don't. And finally, a person with the courage to perform his job.

The evidence is there. Clinton has always attempted to deny the connection. But there was more than he was willing to admit, as evidenced by all the trips that Epstein took on his plane, including having Epstein in the White House with Ghislaine Maxwell and having Maxwell attend the wedding of Chelsea Clinton. Epstein attended the White House 17 times when Bill Clinton was president. Clinton's former body man offered additional details, including the trip on Epstein's Island.

We hope that the reporter remains safe, but thank you, Bill. We do believe it is “clear” that more questions must be addressed in this case.

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