CNN’s Exit Polls Show Bad Results for Democrats

Although it's not advisable to place too much faith in exit polls, the thing that is interesting about these polls is the fact that they're from CNN. The institution continues to be one of the more left-leaning sources in America. However, even the highly blue news channel can't conceal the widespread dislike and disdain America is feeling towards the Democrat Party.

The polls reveal some fundamental things. One is that Biden's popularity is quite low since his approval rate is sagging at a mere 18 percent. In addition, a staggering 46 percent believe that his policies are hurting the nation. But, nearly half of the people polled stated that Biden is not an issue for them when they go to the polls.

Their concern is “inflation” at 32 percent. The CNN poll found that “abortion” comes in second with 27 percent.

Actually, the majority of the economic issues posed by CNN suggest a negative attitude towards the political party that is in charge.

The remaining polls are exactly as you imagine an CNN exit poll would be. Trump has a bad record, Roe the Wade's fall is terrible, Republicans are bad, and so on. But in the midst of economic hardship, many other aspects outside of it do not cause a lot of concern. It's difficult to be concerned about the policies regarding guns and immigration while struggling to buy food.

It's likely that a few Democrats did not vote to support Democrats this time, as there aren't many Democrats who are so radical that they're willing to sacrifice having a roof over their head or food for their children to address first-world issues. The disapproval regarding the current state of affairs in America is generally accepted by the majority of people from the left and the right.

If CNN cannot halt the raging tide of anti-Democratic opinions with its exit polls, the notion that the red wave is likely to be aided by the blue side is a good one.

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