Megyn Kelly Calls for Voters to Look for One Thing on Election Night

Megyn Kelly went on Twitter earlier to discuss the signs to watch for when evaluating the results of the election:

Here is smthg to look for: the mood of anchors u know are R-leaning & those u know are L. They have been fully briefed by inside polling experts on what the exit polls show & how bad/good nite will be for each side. They know more than they can say. Of course, things cld change..

Megyn is, naturally, an experienced journalist who has hosted election night coverage numerous times. She's witnessed firsthand the kind of high-level briefings and early results that network and cable hosts have access to. She is aware of the kinds of indicators to be aware of on the often chaotic news reports and it all boils down to one thing: the faces that appear on the screen.

The days are gone when journalists took their work seriously and covered election results with a sense of candor and honesty. Nowadays, we are often met with crying, teeth grinding, and temper tantrums when left-wing journalists allow their political biases to be displayed in full. It's been seen before as the night goes on, when people like Rachel Maddow and Joy Reid get more emotional and angry. All professionalism is left behind in favor of partisanship. They can't help it.

Conservatives have spent election night tuning in to MSNBC and CNN to mock them. For example, the now-canceled Chris Matthews was falling down drunk on MSNBC in 2010, in the year that Scott Brown won the U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts after Ted Kennedy's death. Ted Kennedy? Very few hosts have gone to the level of crazy that Chris Matthews reached, however there are bound to be some notable outbursts.

CNN's Dana Bash proved Megyn Kelly's assertion regarding the faces. Greg Price tweeted:

CNN’s Dana Bash reading their exit polls: 

“You know what's missing from this one, two, three, four, five, top five issues? Democracy.”

When her colleague reported the results of CNN's exit poll that revealed that voters were the most worried over inflation and a myriad of different issues which “did not line up” with what they had seen in polls before the election, Bash looked a bit sad that “democracy” wasn't in the top five concerns. In spite of the efforts made by CNN and other established media outlets to outdo the Democrat talking point—democracy—voters didn't take it seriously. The people are more intelligent than they think and aren’t focusing on a silly buzzword. There are people actively participating in it through casting votes.

The as RedState's Susie Moore pointed out, “democracy” is always on the election ballot:

Lately, the popular lefty slogan is that “Democracy is on the ballot” this coming Tuesday. Wow. Democracy, you say? That sounds…heavy! And so very significant. While many on the right roll their eyes over this apparent hyperbole, I see it differently: In my view, democracy is always on the ballot. It’s inextricably woven into the fabric of our electoral system.

Susie is right, of course. She also wrote:

But each and every time we vote, we’re choosing – which candidate (or measure) will best uphold those core principles – including democracy? Which one will espouse – and champion – the rights and freedoms secured by our Constitution? From presidential elections all the way down to city councils and school boards, when we vote, we are exercising (and hopefully preserving) democracy.

Voters need to keep this in mind on election days.

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