Moon Turns Red on Election Day

In a coincidence almost impossible to wrap your head around, the moon will be eclipsed by Earth and then turn a dark blood red during early morning hours on Tuesday – the day of Election Day, when many forecasters are calling for a huge Red Wave.

Here's a little bit of amusement in the midst of all the important races to be decided tomorrow. 

From iHeart:

“This Election Day will get off to a dark start on Tuesday due to the final total lunar eclipse for the next three years. This total lunar eclipse is scheduled to begin shortly at midnight Pacific time when the moon is positioned to approach the shadow of Earth.”

“In the coming two hours it will gradually fade until it is completely dark at 2:16 a.m (PST). It will be at its lowest point. It will also appear to be glowing with a brownish-red hue because the light of the sun will recirculate around the Earth's atmosphere before reaching the moon. This is why it's known as the Blood Moon eclipse.”

“It will also be in eclipse for around 90 minutes before it is able to break out of the shadow of Earth, and will be finished at around 3.30 a.m. in the morning PST. You may want to get up to be ready, as it's the last eclipse until March 14, 2025. (Although the penumbral eclipse is expected to be observed on May 6 2023. Penumbral eclipses occur at the time that “Earth's outer shadow falls on the Moon's face.” I'm sure of that since I've Google.)”

Does it have any significance? The New York Times is quick to say there is no way it could be possible:

“In the early hours of Tuesday, darkness will creep across the moon, before turning to a deep blood red. This isn't associated with an Election Day omen — it's among the most striking sights in the evening sky.”

The Washington Post seems even more outraged by stating that the red hue could be “sinister” and a “stain” on the moon. It doesn't say a word about the beauty of it and an opportunity to think about the amazing potential of the universe.

A total eclipse has never occurred during Election Day before. 

RedState's Bonchie has already come up with his predictions for the upcoming election and is happy with what he's seeing. If he's right, many of our readers will be thrilled with the results on Tuesday (whenever they're all tallied). It's unlikely that we'll get all we want, however, it's likely that there'll be a lot of good news.

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