Trump Keeps Focus on Candidates at Ohio Rally

While rumors abound throughout Monday that Donald Trump would announce a 2024 presidential bid during the Ohio gathering — even throughout certain parts of his speech, it seemed like he might — Trump ended his rally by pointing out the dire economic state and civil liberties, readiness for military as well as education throughout the United States, then imploring people across the nation to head to the polls on Tuesday to choose Republican candidates.

The previous morning, Daily Caller congressional correspondent Henry Rodgers tweeted that there was a 50/50 chance Trump will announce his 2024 bid on Monday night. When it was discovered the names of Donald Trump, Jr., Kimberly Guilfoyle, Eric and Lara Trump, and Ivanka Trump would be attending, the rumors grew to an all-time high.

Trump's manner during the event was friendly and one was one of teamwork and he placed much of his attention on Ohio, in particular, and JD Vance and other states with battlegrounds which will be crucial for Republicans chances of winning the control of Congress.

In a final statement, Trump said:

“However, that's not in any way detracting from the importance of tomorrow's crucial election. And I'd say that in the strongest possible way that it's a national-saving vote and specifically the election of all the people I'm going to mention, I'm going to make an important announcement on Tuesday, November 15, in the evening at Mar-a-Lago located in Palm Beach, Florida.”

While the music played, Trump read the long list of GOP governorship, Senate, and House of Representatives candidates from the states in which he is fighting and encouraged people to cast their ballots.

Many pollsters are forecasting that the GOP will enjoy a fantastic day on Tuesday, even if there isn't the “red tsunami,” it depends on the party that gets its supporters into the voting booths. Another two years of the left’s “accomplishments” would be devastating for America. So, make sure to cast your vote.

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