Trump Tells Arizona Voters, “Don’t Leave the Line”

On Tuesday afternoon, Former President Donald Trump recorded a video message addressed to Arizona voters, as some voting centers began having printing issues.

Trump urged people to stay in line but also criticised the process of voting in a clip that was shared on Ric Grennell's Twitter account:

“Don’t leave the line. Stay where you are. They say that the machines aren’t working. They say that they are running out of paper in different locations throughout different states. There’s a lot of bad things going on,” Trump said.

“Stay on line. Do not leave. I know you don’t wanna be there as long as they’re gonna try and force you. They’re want to delay you out of voting. And you cannot let them delay you out of voting.”

He then addressed his concerns about the Grand Canyon state's issues:

“To the people of Arizona in particular, because that’s the one that’s come up right now: Stay on line. Don’t leave. Already a lot of people have left, and it’s very very unfair what’s going on. Maricopa County- don’t leave. Stay there,” Trump added.

On Tuesday, Maricopa County released a statement saying that they had discovered there were particular issues with printer settings that resulted in delays and issues in about 60 voting centers.

The settings of the printers are said to have been changed at approximately half of the locations that have had issues so far, VoteBeat's Jen Fifield reported.

If a person is waiting in line to cast a vote at Maricopa County by 7 p.m., the voter will be able to vote.

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