Violence Is Fine, Against Republicans Anyway

A video of the white city councilmember who chokes an Latina woman during a New York City event has gone viral via social media. However, the mainstream media hasn't been reporting on it due to her having the incorrect political affiliation.

Angelica Torres, a supporter of Republican Governor Candidate Rep. Lee Zeldin, was protesting against Gov. Kathy Hochul at the event when she was assaulted by a larger male. The video shows the man holding her neck and pushing her back.

Torres described the incident in an interview during an appearance on Fox News. She said that an unidentified woman took her sign and threw it away.

When Torres tried to get her sign back she reported that an unidentified man took her by the neck as New York City Councilmember Crystal Hudson held her arm.

“I was pretty much defenseless, outnumbered,” Torres declared. “I was absolutely surprised. It was as if I didn't expect this to happen.”

“You know that we're all tranquil. We were there in the middle of, like doing your First Amendment,” she added. “And we just wanted our voices to be heard.”

The New York City Police Department said in a press release sent to Fox News that the man who was holding her neck “was actually helping her,” according to the anchor.

“I felt like my voice was trying to be silenced,” Torres continued. “I find it shameful that this has transpired. I'm thinking that we're supposed to have an equilibrium in which we can reach agreements and disagreements; however, we must always remain courteous.”

“I was sitting there in peace. I was just trying to express my thoughts. And, of course I was not trying to cause harm,” she added. “I believe in the freedom of choice. Just because people attempt to intimidate me and bully me doesn't mean I'm not going to alter my position regarding, say my morals, my values, and my convictions.”

A woman who was not identified who was present at the scene confirmed Torres' account of incidents, according to The New York Post.

There is no way to know if arrests were related to the incident. Evidently, the local law enforcement officials believe that wrapping fingers around someone else's neck is beneficial, not an act of violence.

At the time of this writing, no left-leaning news outlet has taken the time to report on this. There hasn't been any anger over this incident from any Democratic political or influencers. There are no accusations of racism. This is story number 1,587,365. It is clear that those who are left-wing do not worry about violence in politics and their obsession with racism is utterly false. We knew that already, didn't we?

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