Kayleigh McEnany Offers Some Tips to Her Former Boss, Donald Trump

Kayleigh McEnany earned some notoriety as Donald Trump's final White House press secretary. With a plethora of background information, and frequently making use of savage video montages to disdain the Democrats and their extremist base, she dealt with all the White House press corps with grace. She relied on factual evidence to back her arguments and skillfully responded to some of the most absurd questions put forward by the media without making a fuss. Contrast McEnany with the Biden White House press secretaries with their loud truth denials, who get a tangle from even the easiest questions from Peter Doocy of Fox News.

McEnany currently finds herself on the other end of the microphone for media as a Fox News contributor and regular presenter on the midday show, Outnumbered. Much like Dana Perino, her counterpart on Fox's The Five, McEnany brings an unique perspective to her work as anchor, frequently describing the ways in which her experiences working in the press room at the White House informs her perspective about the current news. McEnany also doesn't hesitate to give some advice.

Today, while the panel members of Outnumbered were discussing the results of the election, host Harris Faulkner brought up the presidential elections in 2024. McEnany said:

‘I know there’s a temptation to starting talking about 2024 — no, no, no, no, no,’ McEnany said on Wednesday’s edition of ‘Outnumbered.’

‘2022 is not over. Every Republican energy needs to go to grinding the Biden agenda to a halt, and that could go straight through the state of Georgia.’

When asked by Harris if that included McEnany's former employer, Donald Trump, McEnany expressed her opinion with a firm, “I think he needs to put it on pause, absolutely.”

McEnany's suggestions are directed at the runoff contest that is scheduled to take place between Herschel Walker and Raphael Warnock for the U.S. Senate seat in Georgia. This could be a rerun of 2020, where both Georgia senatorial seats went to runoffs, with the control of the Senate at risk. There's still a long way to go and a few Senate seats are yet to be determined, however the scenario seems very familiar. The runoffs proved disastrous for Republicans as Trump encouraging the base to stay home and not cast a vote in revenge for the possibility of fraudulent elections in their states. They did enough that the Dems won both seats and control of the tightly contested Senate with vice-president Kamala Harris acting as the tie-breaker.

Kayleigh McEnany clearly wants keep from another Georgia Senate disaster by preparing Walker to win. The best method to achieve this, she says is to have more Ron DeSantis and less Trump.

Asked by Faulkner whether the former president should stump in the Peach State, McEnany replied: ‘I think we’ve got to make strategic calculations. Gov. DeSantis, I think he should be welcome to the state, given what happened last night. You’ve got to look at the realities on the ground.’

It will be tough for Trump. According to all reports, he's excited to announce his next campaign in the race for White House and not quite willing to accept any accountability for the Republican's recent performance. McEnany is aware of Trump enough to know that the 2024 election is likely to be his sole focus the momentat the moment, with the potential of weakening Walker's chance of winning not being on his radar at all. Trump could become the king-maker he's always wanted to be by merely staying in the shadows like McEnany says, or at the very least up to the day after the runoff election on the 6th of December.

Will Trump postpone his announcement?

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