Lauren Boebert’s Win is Improbable, Yet Not All Votes Have Been Counted

The mood was dark on the night of the election and into early morning, but Wednesday's afternoon has brought good information for Republicans after an unsatisfactory midterms. Kari Lake is in a good position to defeat Katie Hobbs in Arizona after having a slow start, but Lauren Boebert, who was trailing has made a resurgence.

It's a highly unlikely rise and, with around 95% of voters reporting, there's lots of ballots left to count, which could give her the less than 100 votes she now needs to surpass her opponent.

Because of the way in which Boebert is not liked by the left, the race is one that many Democrats were celebrating over. If she pulls this race off and wins, it's likely to be a massive blow to their egos. This could also be a little of a relief for Republicans, who are struggling to maintain a slim margin at the House.

Regarding where the ballots left to be counted are, there are ballots in rural areas and ballots from Pueblo County, in which Adam Frisch, Boebert's challenger holds a slight edge over her. This could indicate problems for Boebert, however it's difficult to tell without knowing which votes are left to count. Are these early mail-in votes? Are they ballots dropped off on Election Day? It is likely that the latter will be skewed towards Boebert.

This will take time, and Boebert is poised to win if things keep going her way. It's quite a difference from the predicament she was in a few hours earlier.

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