MSNBC Attacks Lauren Boebert in Revealing Way

Will Lauren Boebert lose her re-election campaign in Colorado? The end result is still yet to be determined. Boebert executed an amazing comeback that brought her to less than 100 votes of her opponent. The question of whether there are enough votes remaining to propel her on top of the pack is a matter of debate, however.

There are some who speculate that what's left is mostly military and election day provisional ballots. If this is true, it's likely that she will win. If there's a lot of mail-in ballots left in Pueblo County, she's probably finished.

However, the fact that the race is too close isn't stopping liberals from declaring their excitement over her alleged loss. One of them was a notorious ex-Republican “strategist” named Kurt Bardella who is now making appearances on Joy Reid's MSNBC Show. This will provide you with an understanding of the kind of person we're dealing with in this case.

He decided that it would be funny to say that losing Boebert will prompt her to sign up for an OnlyFans account.

Get it? Because Boebert is pretty, the only job she could have after her political career (if it's necessary) is porn. Bardella should appear on Jimmy Kimmel's talk show with funny jokes like this.

Of course, Bardella might not able to speak about women in a way that isn't a part of sexist stereotypes. It's also interesting that his brain immediately went to OnlyFans upon the very first reference to a female that he likely fantasizes about during his spare time.

This isn’t the way to describe women. It is true that Republicans that have crossed the line too, by the way. It doesn’t matter what someone's political beliefs are. One might be critical of women like Jill Biden, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and other women of the left, however it is not okay to say that they're useless as individuals and that they should only engage in porn. However, Bardella used to believe that too.

The kind of hypocrisy that this shows is not unusual, however it's worth pointing out. These types are mad and insane and have made politics the most important thing in their lives. That is what happens when you have mature men acting like children and dropping stereotypes about women that he's never even met.

What about Joy Reid and Claire McCaskill? They both smile and don't try to counter during the interview. Both could have lost their minds had they had a Republican said what Bardella did. How long will MSNBC continue to play this game? The ratings for Reid aren't great and the network just removed Tiffany Cross, whose show was as awful. Things will change eventually.

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