The Right is Celebrating the Latest Twitter Update Regarding ‘Trust and Safety’ Chief

There's been reports of Elon Musk working to tackle the mess the previous CEOs of the company left behind.

Musk dismissed certain leaders before cutting the employees in an effort to cut expenses. Musk also wants to return it to a more of a professional work atmosphere, not the spa with red wine on tap that it was previously. The employees are no longer able to work from home and have to put in at least forty hours a week, just like the majority of other workers.

Musk was listening to complaints regarding conservative shadow banning, showing that he was likely to be a hands-on owner. While liberals were screaming and threatening to leave the site since they believed that they couldn’t influence the narrative any longer, the evidence suggested that the growth of users under Musk is currently exploding. This is not a good sign for the liberals and their threats. The story also doesn’t seem to be as evident on the “trending list” on Twitter anymore.

However, there was a second major decision that could eventually serve Twitter well.

Following the time that Elon Musk took over as the head of Twitter, he appeared to endorse Yoel Roth, who was previously the chief of “Trust and Safety” for the website. “Trust and safety” dealt with issues on the website such as harassment, abuse, and “election security” in the previous years, before Musk took over.

Many pointed out to Musk that Roth was not the ideal person to make an objective assessment on the platform, considering the tweets Roth has tweeted previously. These tweets certainly suggest that there may be a major issue with the way that he uses his judgement.

In previous tweets, Roth called Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell a “personality-free bag of farts,” in addition to calling the former president a “racist tangerine” and his administration “actual nazis.”

Roth also got involved with the Hunter Biden laptop story when he was in charge of Twitter's Site Integrity Team.

Yoel Roth, the head of Twitter’s Site Integrity Team, cited the information from U.S. intelligence officials to justify Twitter’s decision to block access to a series of New York Post articles published in October detailing emails found on Biden’s laptop. [….]

The commission pointed to Roth’s testimony that U.S. officials warned him individuals close to political campaigns would likely be targeted in “hack-and-leak” operations close to the election. Roth said he met frequently throughout 2020 with government officials to discuss election security. He said he learned in one of the meetings that “there were rumors that a hack-and-leak operation would involve Hunter Biden.”

There were several reports on Thursday that Roth and the sales director, Robin Wheeler, were not working for the company anymore.

JUST IN – Twitter's chief of “Trust and Safety” Yoel Roth and head of sales Robin Wheeler are departing the company—WSJ (@disclosetv) November 10 2022

It is unclear why he was still in the position after Elon took over, considering his tendencies. Perhaps Roth simply wanted to keep the job, which probably paid extremely well. Other people had their own thoughts.

Did anyone finally get the hint that there might be something wrong? People on the right certainly thought his absence was another positive signal.

Jake Denton tweeted “I’m taking full credit for ending the Yoel era of Twitter” after his previous post stating “Nothing will get better until Yoel is fired. If Yoel stays at Twitter, we will continue to be banned, censored, and harassed by his team and their deliberately vague and ambiguous rules. @elonmusk this has to end.”

In the meantime, people from the left and the mainstream media blasted the impact this could have on “safety,” when the “platform controls the entire news pipeline.”

It's true that the liberal narrative has an issue, and it does “control” the news; it's never been “safe” for real news that was a threat to the ideology of liberals. However, now it's a new day, and it's no wonder that people are cheering.

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