Trump Attacks Youngkin in Odd Statement

If there's some kind of strategy behind the actions Donald Trump has been taking during the last weeks, it sure isn’t clear. What is the motive behind attacking DeSantis and now Youngkin? 

The first line in the first sentence is an interesting thing. Youngkin's name doesn't mean “Young Kin,” and would that not be more like Korean than Chinese to you? What does this have to do with anything? This one's a head-scratcher. 

The former president is well-known for his counter-punching. He's usually waiting for a punch before attempting to take out his adversaries. This isn't actually counter-punching. DeSantis hasn't spoken a bad word about his character. Youngkin has not said anything negative about his character either. What's the motive behind this? To make fun of all people prior to an election in 2024?

Trump is expected to be able to win Florida in 2024 in order to be the presidential candidate. What can he do by slamming the most well-known Republican across the country, who happens to be the governor of Florida? 

This isn't sustainable. Republicans love DeSantis. Many of them support Youngkin particularly since the state he represented was blue and dealt a huge hit to Democrat power base on State level. In addition, even if one is hoping for Trump to become the candidate for 2024 in the near future, it's too early for this. Trump is trying to clear a field that isn't even there as of yet.

The last thing that the GOP needs is a self-inflicted civil conflict. It is hoped that someone will get to Trump and ask him to chill for a bit.

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