Will the GOP Course Correction Happen in Georgia?

The Republicans have a lot riding on the runoff election within Georgia between Herschel Walker and Raphael Warnock. Sure, it could determine which party is in control of the Senate and the House of Representatives. Keep making those ballots count, Arizona and Nevada! But depending on the people who show up to run for office with Walker, it will determine which direction the GOP is heading.

The days since the election have proved a savage experience for Republicans and different factions gaining ground and trying to get into a fight about how the GOP will move forward. It's almost like a political cage fight: Kevin McCarthy vs. the House Freedom Caucus. Marco Rubio vs. Mitch McConnell. Trump vs. DeSantis. Trump vs. Glenn Youngkin. Trump vs. Everyone.

Thus, as Arizona and Nevada conduct elections in a shockingly slow manner as well as D.C. speculates who should become the new GOP leaders, the actual activity could be taking place in Georgia. The big elephant in the room is, of course, Donald Trump, who seems intent on picking fights to garner attention. With the runoff election in the near future, many wonder the rationality of the decision to send Trump to Georgia to campaign for Walker.

It makes the most sense for political figures and their surrogates with the wind in their sails to go on a barnstorming tour of the Peach State in order to help Walker get the seat he's been seeking for the GOP. Trump hasn't got the same kind of momentum, but, to the astonishment of Trump, Ron DeSantis does. DeSantis dealt the Democrats an impressive electoral thrashing on Tuesday that the squeaky sound of teeth grinding still lingering over Miami-Dade County.

Winners beget winners. The GOP should send its top performers, not those who are associated with the old guard of the party (paging Mitch McConnell).

Republicans have already begun making appearances in Georgia to show their support for Walker. Ted Cruz was there Friday.

The newly elected Georgia governor Brian Kemp has pledged his support for Walker and plans to rally with him. Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin has offered to go down I-95 to help too. DeSantis is no surprise due to his rising popularity and the state's closeness to Georgia.

Pay attention to the names — The names are DeSantis, Kemp, Youngkin. They are names that are associated with the current state of affairs of the GOP. Experienced winners who don't have the baggage of Trump or haven't sat for decades living in D.C. without much to prove for it.

Trump, of course, is the King maker. But Trump certainly wasn't able to achieve this in the midterm elections. And Trump's timing for his expected decision to announce his reelection next week is a clear indication that he's the only person in his life at present. He ought to steer away from running in conjunction with Herschel Walker.

“I don't do rallies for other people,” Trump said during a rally in Dalton, Ga., in January, 2021, just before the election runoff. “I do them for me.”

In this regard, Georgia is the battleground in which the future of the Republican Party will be decided. A victory, or an impressive showing for Walker and the backing of the new GOP guard, will prove that the party is a solid new, exciting and fresh look. There's still plenty of opportunity for old guards to step off the scene and allow the party's adjustment commence … And it's time to start immediately in Georgia.

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