Musk Provides Response to Ed Markey’s Demands

Elon Musk tried out letting users get the blue check mark when they purchased a Twitter Blue subscription. The idea was an option would allow users to boost the popularity of Twitter and ensure that it wouldn't be dependent on advertising and not under the pressure of advertisers. It could become an unofficial town square with everyone's voice.

It was interesting that the sudden emergence of the blue-check mark upset a large portion of the people who were left-of-center who seemed to appreciate the fact that regular people also had the blue-check mark. By clicking on the blue check mark, it will reveal if it was due to Twitter Blue or because it is blue-checked as a “notable” person.

This is slightly more work and causes some confusion, but it's really not difficult to understand.

Musk has placed his applications to use the newTwitter Blue blue check mark in limbo until he can refine the mark. There are reports that it could come back next week.

However, Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) turned on the news by claiming that someone impersonated the senator.

“A @washingtonpost reporter was able to create a verified account impersonating me,” Markey complained. “I'm seeking clarification from @elonmusk, who has put profit over people and his debts over stopping misinformation. Twitter should explain why this happened and the best way to stop it from occurring again.”

He requested answers by “November 25, 2002.” Sorry Senator. Markey, but it will be difficult for you to make that date, which was twenty years ago.

It's also funny that Democrats such as Markey are now worried over “misinformation” now that Musk is in charge, and yet they were not concerned with the misinformation surrounding Russia collusion, or disinformation that could harm the Democrats such as for instance the Hunter Biden laptop story. He didn't care in any way that the American public was misled by things like that.

Musk has a hilarious reaction to Markey:

“Perhaps its because your real account sounds like a parody?”

He also inquired about what the reason was for why Markey had on a mask on his profile photo (which makes it difficult to determine if he was actually him).

Is Markey going to be able to catch COVID via Twitter?

However, if you consider putting Markey's remarks in conjunction with the threats Joe Biden made against Elon Musk to the extent that it's worth taking a closer look at his purchase of Twitter, it is necessary to be worried about what Democrats will do with people they view as an adversary to their politics, or at best one they could not manage. It was interesting to watch leftists, who often claimed they were challenging the government, suddenly appear to be hammering the platform.

Musk also had something to say about it also.

However, leftists such as the Bernie folks are in the mood to agree with this, so they are in possession of the power to prove it's not about the fundamentals, but about power.

Musk seems to have no fear of throwing sand at them which is good to be able to see. Perhaps, he could have some beliefs that stand against the story.

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