Tampa Bay Rookie Under Concussion Care

There was a tough decision to make on Sunday for Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. 

The cornerback Zyon McCollum is now being examined for a possible concussion following a collision during the game against the Seattle Seahawks, which was played in Munich, Germany, on Sunday.

Via USA Today sports blog BucsWire:

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will have to complete the game on Sunday at Munich to take on the Seattle Seahawks without one of their cornerbacks.

The rookie Zyon McCollum left the field during the first half and, after being ruled out for concussions, was excluded for the remainder of the match.

A fifth-rounder from Sam Houston State, McCollum has been working in defense this season due to injuries. However, he's spending the majority of his time on the special team when three Bucs' top cornerbacks are in good health.

RedState has written previously about concussions, such as the devastating head injury Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa suffered in his team's match with the Buffalo Bills in late September. In August, we discussed the controversial “race-norming,” a despicable method that's believed to be a justification that the NFL used to make it more difficult for Black retirees to be treated for possible concussions as well as other brain injuries that were traumatic to the brain they sustained while playing in the field.

Positively, one of his teammates-who happens to be the team's starting running back-was blessed with a break when the Bucs team bus was set for a trip towards the airport to fly out. Leonard Fournette's passport came in at the right time, as per an independent report from BucsWire:

“Leonard Fournette almost missed the NFL's first regular season game in Germany. However, his passport was issued within four hours of when he had to get on the team bus for the airport,” according to the NFL Network's Ian Rapoport and Tom Pelissero.

The report states that Fournette's passport was held up through the mail because of the weather, but it arrived enough to allow Tampa Bay's top rusher to travel to the international journey.

Despite an injury suffered by their cornerback and the near miss for Fournette prior to that, the Bucs came out winning against the Seahawks on Sunday in the first time they played in Germany and won 21-16 in the final quarter of play

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