Trump’s Candidate Loses in Deep Red Washington

The situation is growing worse for Republicans. They have not only lost the Senate, they also face an ever-difficult time getting majority control over the House. The latest information comes from Washington state's 3rd Congressional District, which voted for R+13 in the 2020 election. It is alarming that Donald Trump's chosen campaigner, Joe Kent, has lost to Democrat Marie Gluesenkamp Perez. This is a major setback to the GOP who needed to retain the seat that is now owned by Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler in order to win the majority. It could be a slam dunk in the deep red southwest of Washington.

The decision Desk HQ called it:

“Hererra Beutler was elected to this seat in the year 2020 and defeated the Democrat candidate by 13. Beutler had been in the seat since her first win in the year 2010 and had never faced an enthralling Democrat opponent in the solidly Republican district prior to this year. She seemed like a sure-winner to retain her seat until Donald Trump threw his support for her Republican primary opponent, Joe Kent.”

It appears Herrera Beutler incurred the wrath of Trump at the beginning of 2021 after she voted in favor of his impeachment after January 6. She then voted in support of the creation of the commission of January 6 and accused the president of creating violence in the Capitol.

Contrarily, Joe Kent, a former Green Beret, was a vocal supporter of Trump's allegations of voter fraud during his 2020 election for president, thereby getting Trump's support. This support helped him get through the primary, but it wasn't enough to enable him to replicate Herrera Beutler's previous victories in the election.

Conservatives on Twitter immediately reacted in shock at the reversal by Perez.

There's no reason to be surprised that people are stunned by the results. It's not just that it's been an extremely Republican district for a long time. The political forecasters at FiveThirtyEight have given Perez an 8% chance of winning. This could be the biggest surprise of 2022.

What transpired? Kent was confident about his odds. 

Kent seemed confident about his victory following the August primary in declaring the district “deep red MAGA country.”

Gluesenkamp Perez said that the election revealed that the majority of voters in 3rd District reject that ideology.

Perez's winning margin is extremely thin; she is leading by about 4,600 votes. Therefore, WA03 isn't an opportunity to write off Republicans; however, it should be a wake-up-call. It's possible Perez is wrong, and the MAGA message is still resonating in the country. It could be that the people who are delivering the message are the issue, as that has been seen in a variety of races across the country.

Republicans need this seat desperately to take control of the House. They now face another two years as an opposition party. The loss will be very difficult for them.

What can we learn from this? Primary elections can have consequences.

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