Twitter Employee Shows Entitlement Before Musk Fires HIm

California society is frequently described as a “bubble.” Listen to some of the elite coastal residents in the West coast for over 10 minutes, and you'll start to witness a self-inflicted type of ignorance, where facts and logic are put behind the emotions and individualistic virtue signals.

It's hard to comprehend how awful the bubble can be until it bursts and the truth begins to enter the carefully constructed belief system that the bubble facilitated.

For instance, one Twitter employee was fired for a rant he made against the CEO of Tesla/Twitter, Elon Musk.

The whole story started with Musk apologizing for Twitter's slowness across a variety of countries. Eric Frohnheofer, a then-Twitter employee, Quote-tweeted Musk in a way, effectively calling Musk a liar.

“I have spent ~6yrs working on Twitter for Android and can say this is wrong,” said Frohnhoefer.

Musk replied to the tweet by asking Twitter's user to provide him with the proper number of RPC's. The following day, he sent an open tweet, asking what Frohnhoefer is doing to correct this issue. In fairness, Frohnhoefer spelled the problem out, however Musk replied to one user by pointing out that the manner in which Frohnhoefer displayed wasn't the kind of attitude Musk would be looking for in his new business.

“He's fired,” tweeted the CEO.

-” Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 14 2022

This tweet triggered a huge storm with two sides taking part. Some believe that Musk dismissed the employee due to him being more knowledgeable than he was and that he was able to use his ability to speak publicly against an opinion of his boss.

The opposing view sees Musk's actions much more than the other side. Frohnhoefer demonstrated a willingness to confront the boss publicly and if Musk allowed him to work for the company, it would have been something of a symbol of protest against Musk. He didn't want to let it fester particularly with his business in the state of turmoil it is in.

If Frohnhoefer had kept this information to a private conversation with Musk the CEO, he could have scheduled a time to speak with him and a solution could have been negotiated. However, the entitlement mentality that is prevalent in Silicon Valley was so strong that the employee figured it better to vent his anger publicly.

Musk had no other choice than to fire him regardless if the employee was a smart man. Frohnhoefer forced Musk to choose only one option. The ax was going to fall.

Maybe in previous times of Twitter that was the case and he might have been able to get away with it; however, Musk isn't a velvet-gloved California CEO who treats his business as if it's an adult daycare. Musk is operating an enterprise not a rec center and his employees are no longer permitted to cause a problem for the business. The company's “demands” will fall on unanswerable ears when they're dismissed and those who were forced to take a month off to treat “mental health” while still being paid will end up seeking employment with other businesses that treat them as children.

You can rest assured that these kinds of employees won't last for long and businesses are going to suffer because of it. A lot of employees will be fired or laid off when the market and bad economics crash down. Without the support of solid business practices, it's likely to fall hard.

Actually it's not a distant thing, it's happening now.

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