It’s Confirmed: The Pelosi Era Is Behind Us!

The signs all pointed to Nancy Pelosi making a big announcement at noon on Thursday. Speculation ranged from her stepping down from her leadership post in the House to her resignation from her Congressional seat to naming her daughter, Christine, as her replacement.

The good news is that Nancy Pelosi has confirmed that she absolutely will not be in a leadership position in the upcoming House session. She's done. She's out of the way. Sort of. The only downside is that she'll fill the role of a “backbencher” to help guide the new team of leaders.

Pelosi said, “I will not seek reelection to Democratic leadership in the next Congress.”

The ultra-devout Catholic added, “We must move boldly into the future. Scripture teaches us that for everything there is a season.”

Let's face it, our House of Representatives is long overdue for a new season. Would Pelosi have made this radical decision if Democrats were still in control of the House? Possibly. In the aftermath of Republicans taking control of the House, there has been a surge of activity centered around the Democrats. With the GOP poised to unleash an array of investigations into scandals involving Dems, the octogenarian Pelosi most likely did not have the strength to withstand the storm. Her abilities appeared to have diminished significantly over the past few years, with the ultra-liberal women in “The Squad” outflanking her from the left.

Unfortunately for us, the likely new head of the House Democrats is Pelosi's chosen successor, Hakeem Jeffries. He is poised to be even more radical. The rumored next Speaker, Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), is going to have a lot on his plate and must be able to mobilize his forces prior to the start of the new Congress.

In the meantime, it's time to celebrate. The Pelosi Era has ended!

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