Adam Kinzinger Spins Bravest Man Narrative on MSNBC

“Republican” Congressman Adam Kinzinger believes he's the most courageous man in the room, and is not afraid to inform people of that “fact” whether or not they are convinced of the lies he's trying to create.

This was evident during an interview on Wednesday that Kinzinger conducted with MSNBC “Deadline: White House” anchor Nicolle Wallace. She has never seen a bizarre conspiracy theory regarding the alleged negative impact of conservative Republicans that she was not willing to present in the form of “evidence.”

In a debate over the former president Donald Trump allegedly crossing “red lines” that could be considered by some Republicans such as Kinzinger as well as Rep. Liz Cheney to be too far for them, Wallace asked Kinzinger why he believed that other members within the GOP were not willing to think about an alternative to consider that Trump has crossed the red line.

“You know, part of it is tribalism,” Kinzinger said. “You know the second is in the event that one of them declares ‘Look I'm fed up with Donald Trump,' you are kicked out of your tribe. Then I have to inform you that another tribe in the event that it exists, the anti-Trump tribe, are the Democrats won't be able to take you seriously because you're not coming in enough or maybe you're still on that one thing that I do not agree with.”

Another element, Kinzinger suggested in so many words, was the need for political survival among some Republicans.

“I think the other thing, though, is you can convince yourself on a moral perspective that you're doing the right thing” when keeping quiet about Trump's red lines as he tries to be re-elected.

Kinzinger kept his best until last but he did not hesitate to accuse others Republicans of “sheer cowardice” for not taking a stand against Trump and not being willing to put their lives at risk in the interest of doing what Kinzinger believed was the right thing to do:

“I say, look how I was elected, I was reminded that I was just getting out of Iraq in 2009. I was elected in the year 2010. And I was thinking that if I'm going to request people to give up their lives for the nation — and it's obvious that I'll have to cast votes on that and I will be prepared to quit my job to support this cause. This may sound like a radical idea however it's actually true. It's true that we take a vow towards the Constitution not just because the thing we'll do is simple.”

“My oath is not to my district; it's to the Constitution,” Kinzinger said.

As evident by the comments the public has expressed, there are a variety of issues in Kinzinger's self-serving “bravest man in the room” speech, but the most important one is that it wasn't Trump Republicans that ultimately turned Kinzinger in. His new friends within his Democratic party, specifically located in Illinois to be precise. The new maps they created in the last year effectively made him withdraw from a planned run for re-election.

And not only that, Kinzinger's career was not ever “over” even if he was unsuccessful in his bid to win the next time. It would still have been on the political scene, just not in Congress as at time of writing, there was an enormous demand for sexy pro-Trump “Republican” grifters in The Swamp and on the cable news networks, in those on the Very Online Left, and beyond. And Kinzinger is definitely in the bill.

Kinzinger's tirade was loud and furious, showing nothing but how Kinzinger is still an iconic figure – only in his mind.

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